FlipBuilder Presents Its Free eBook Creator

eBooks have become hugely popular. A free eBook creator is a useful tool for publishers to have. FlipBuilder is ideal for creating and publishing interactive eBooks.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2021 --eBooks have become a huge trend. Readers love the convenience of being able to carry their favorite books with them anywhere – without having to carry a book. Most people don't go anywhere without their phone or tablet so an eBook is a perfect way to read on the go. Most eBooks are presented in static PDF format. An emerging trend, though, is the flipbook – interactive, media-rich eBooks that are much more interesting. FlipBuilder offers a free eBook creator that has benefits for both publishers and readers.

Flip PDF Plus Pro lets publishers import a PDF version of their eBook, add amazing features to make it more engaging, and create a digital flipbook masterpiece in minutes. All of this can be done without writing a single line of code. The conversion from PDF to flipbook is automatic. This free eBook creator gives readers an outstanding reading experience, no matter what device they read on.

Publishers can also add interactive multimedia elements such as HTML video, YouTube video, Vimeo video, and animations in addition to images and text. Flip PDF Plus Pro features over 200 animation effects and users can preview animation effects, video, and audios in the editor. A free eBook creator has never been so versatile. No longer will readers be limited to text and images in their eBooks; they can now have their content presented in more diverse ways.

Once a publisher has finished creating an eBook, publishing it is a breeze. Flip PDF Plus Pro offers online eBook publishing with its cloud publishing service. Available formats include HTML, EXE, and ZIP. If the publisher doesn't have a website, they can publish using FlipBuilder without even needing FTP. If they do have a website, the free eBook creator provides an embed code that publishers can use to embed the eBook on their website.

A free eBook creator should produce books that can be read on all devices. With Flip PDF Plus Pro, eBooks are accessible on computers, tablets, and mobile phones; Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS devices are all supported for a smooth reading experience. Publishers have access to customer insight data through Google Analytics. This will help them leverage their eBooks more effectively.

"This free eBook creator was designed with ease in mind," says Alan Chen, Designer of FlipBuilder.

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