FlipBuilder Released Free Flipbook Creator New Upgrades

FlipBuilder released Flip PDF version with new features and bugs fixed. With this free flipbook creator, users can convert PDF to flipbook easier.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/22/2017 --Recently, FlipBuilder released the new version for free flipbook creator Flip PDF. On this upgrade, Flip PDF got the reflected bugs fixed and added new features according to the feedback. In the future, this flipbook creator will help users to create more interactive content with attractive features.

On this upgrade, this free flipbook creator added new features to make the using experience more comfortable. Now Flip PDF can intelligently auto detect wide page and cut it when users choose the right-to-left language support. Besides, the software developers also add shopping cart icon on the mobile client. For the readers' convenience, when they click the download button, now it will open a new window instead of a jump page. At the same time, in this version, the free flipbook creator has been improved and optimized so that it is very fast to import PDF to convert.

FlipBuilder development team made the following bugs fixed:

1.Fix the bug of "the waiting time is long when clearing the temporary directory after importing the PDF for the first time".

2.Fix the bug of "the loading logo does not disappear after completing loading in the password-protected books".

3.Fix the bug of "the YouTube video still plays after flipping to next page".

4.Fix the bug of "you cannot share the thumbnails if the current URL is a file name, not the directory name".

5.Fix the bug of "there are products in the shopping cart, but it will be empty while submitting to buy".

6.Fix the bug of "the share font and color of Metro & Clear template cannot be changed".

7.Fix the bug of "cannot change the color of Metro and Clear template thumbnail close icon".

8.Fix the bug of "when adding swipe slider to the flipbook with animation editor, the books cannot response to the click events".

9.Fix the bug of "the custom configuration of shopping cart is in disordered".

10.Fix the bug of "the size of audio player is not right after switching the vertical and horizontal screen".

11.Fix the bug of "on safari, the audio 10 player will cover other audio players".

12.Fix the bug of "there is no play and pause event for the audio on safari".

For more about this free flipbook creator or go to download the software, please go to FlipBuilder website.

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