FlipBuilder Releases a Catalog Creator for Creating 2020 Holiday Catalogs

The catalog creator helps to create eye-catching holiday catalogs that connect with holiday shoppers in 2020.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/11/2020 --FlipBuilder is once again excited to release their catalog creator to the market. The catalog creator is going to help users create stunning holiday catalogs that will inspire customers in 2020. During the holiday season, businesses strive to increase their sales while customers rush to shop early to avoid the rush. Holiday catalogs can help simplify the process by allowing both parties to interact and transact directly from the catalogs. FlipBuilder's new catalog creator has all the tools needed to make holiday shopping a walk in the park.

Flip PDF Pro is packed with features and functionalities that will help users design captivating holiday catalogs that help to connect with shoppers. Users can use them to present products in a charming and engaging way. This will pull audiences towards the catalogs and help them make informed decisions while shopping. Integrating elements such as product videos, images, animations, descriptions, and music will not only entertain the readers but will also convince them to take action.

"Our catalog creator is designed with effective features that will help guide people and get them interested in products," said Fermi Huang, Chief Engineer of FlipBuilder. "We want our clients to be readily available when the audiences want to buy their brands. They can achieve this by embedding their catalogs on their websites, sharing them on social platforms, or creating unique catalogs that are holiday-themed to provide exclusive offers to audiences."

Enterprises and marketers can use the catalog creator to design their catalogs in holiday style and attract more attention from audiences. Since holidays drive festive feelings in customers, users can add some holiday cheer to their e-catalogs to create emotional connections with the people. FlipBuilder has templates with seasonal accents and colors that can make the catalogs more appealing. Users can include some glamor by adding holiday images, special text, and fonts and bright titles to entice the audience.

Style and color are potent tools for decorating catalogs to match the holiday mood, and the catalog creator has plenty of these. Users can be creative and add a human touch to their marketing campaigns by enriching their content with much interactivity. They can include links to their products or e-commerce sites to allow clients to purchase products with just a click. Adding popup images of products and videos that tell their story can help audiences keep with the holiday spirit and decide what they need quickly.

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