FlipBuilder Releases a Free Brochure Maker for Pros and Newbies

Flip PDF is a free brochure maker developed by FlipBuilder, helping both pros and newbies create brochures from PDF files.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/01/2018 --When it comes to achieving business results, effective marketing is a crucial aspect that the free brochure maker by FlipBuilder has promised to conquer.

Marketers are usually willing to give whatever it takes to get their hands of the tool that makes things happen anytime and on the most commonly used platforms. In an age where people enjoy access to the internet from the comfort of their homes and offices, it is only wise for marketers and publishers to take advantage of tools like the free brochure maker by FlipBuilder to get their business idea in the right hands through digital means.

Flip PDF is the free brochure maker that matches the best company with the best brochure. In the words of Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder, "Having an excellent brochure begin with an excellent brochure maker like Flip PDF, and now you can fulfil your dream of creating the most attractive and influential brochure with the help of FlipBuilder's free brochure maker – Flip PDF."

Flip PDF allows users to make their digital brochures available to the customers in the most appealing form they want. It is the way to make digital brochures unlimited, as it offers an interactive and media-rich user experience. This tool turns a digital book into lively scenes that viewers can see on their tablets, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices without having to sacrifice anything.

Beyond being able to publish a first-class brochure without a professional experience in design, the free brochure maker also comes with exciting features that allow the newbie publisher to produce extraordinary digital publications without hiring an expert. Some of the features include abundant pre-designed templates, backgrounds, audio, videos, images, printing, shapes, buttons, link embedding possibilities, and the opportunity to reach the target audience on all devices.

While experienced publishers already know what's in the free brochure maker for them, it might also be the perfect and go-to tool for new business owners who do not have the resources to hire a professional publisher but are wiling to get the results of a first-class digital brochure.

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder is growing significantly in its reach, producing revolutionary software products that align with market trends. FlipBuilder's digital publishing software is made available for millions of businesses to help them compete with their contemporaries.

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