FlipBuilder Rolls out an eBook Creator for Creating Marketing eBooks 2020

FlipBuilder introduces an innovative eBook creator to create eBooks in 2020.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/06/2020 --FlipBuilder, the pioneering software company, recently released Flip PDF, a new eBook creator that is perfect for marketing firms looking to create eBooks. Designed to meet the demands of 2020, the new eBook creator combines state of the art features with ease of use, allowing companies to communicate in an effective and engaging manner with their target audiences.

"We have designed our new software with the needs of commercial organizations in mind," said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder. "It has a variety of interactive functions that companies can incorporate into their eBooks in order to make reading a truly compelling and exciting experience. And since our eBooks are so easy to design, there is no need to hire a specialist or third party to produce them. Anyone can use our platform to produce innovative eBooks."

All users have to do is upload their PDF files and use the pre-designed templates to create the eBook which can be formatted in Flash for PCs and Macs and HTML5 for mobile devices. This ensures that readers can enjoy the full range of features irrespective of the device and operating system they are using. This includes the ability to create pages with a realistic flipping effect and incorporate rich media such as audio, videos and photos. Users can also add animations in order to communicate their message in exciting ways.

Companies will particularly appreciate the ability to incorporate their company logo and branding in their eBooks. In addition, they will be free to customize other parameters such as the layout, fonts, buttons and banners in order to give the eBooks a distinctive appearance. Links can also be included in the eBooks, with the ability to take the reader directly to an online store, making Flip PDF particularly useful for creating eBooks.

Once created, these eBooks can be saved on the FlipBuilder server and freely shared online and via social media. They can also be conveniently embedded into company website. Best of all, all these benefits can be obtained with a one-off payment, making Flip PDF an enticing prospect for many businesses.

About FlipBuilder
Located in Hong Kong, FlipBuilder is an innovative software company that specializes in eBook publishing applications. Its mission is to enable companies and other organizations to realize their goals by utilizing the exciting potential of eBooks. For more information, please visit https://www.flipbuilder.com/.