Flipbuilder.com Release Page Flipping eBook Cases in an Online Bookcase

A new online showcase is released to display beautiful page flipping ebooks created by Flip PDF Professional.


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2014 --Flip Builder is now offering a new showcase that is designed to develop excellent flash books to the reading life of its clients. Their multiple applications tools for converting documents to flip books have made them as one of the best and reputable companies in the area.

Most of the page flipping eBooks, magazines and digital brochures offered by the company are created by Flip PDF Professional. This software has a professional version. Unlike others, it has powerful features from the original Flip PDF software such as bookmarks and hyperlink. At present, users are free to embed multimedia like texts, audios, videos, and a lot more.

The Flip PDF Professional has 10 plus templates and 80 design settings. It also includes animated backgrounds and interactive toolbar features. Another best thing about this Flip Builder software is its mobile compatibility system. The Flip book software is designed not only to publish eBook but is also perfect for distributing online magazines, business brochures and other multi-page documents. With the new Flipbook showcase, users are expected to improve their works.

Upon checking the Flip Builder site, users are free to scan any page they want. They can also check the different templates and products of the company. With their wide offers, most people think that they are asking high charges. But, this perception is not true. The company is here to offer both quality and cheap products.

Flip Builder is committed in providing the best services to their clients. This is the reason why they made this new showcase. This amazing showcase can be viewed by their readers. This can help them browsing several documents and understanding how Flip Builder software works.

Compared to others, Flip Builder provides special customization. Their customers just need to inform them about their specific requirements. Since the company is asking cheap rates, expect that their clients will never spend more cash for their needs.

As expected, Flip Builder is getting more clients as time passes by. Most young and professional businessmen are longing to deal with them. With their latest showcase and Flip Builder software, they are certain that their works are getting into a higher level.

To get the full services of Flip Builder, you are free to check its official website at http://www.flipbuilder.com/.