FlipBuilder's Brochure Maker Changes Digital Publishing in Australia

FlipBuilder takes digital publishing in Australia to the new level with its brochure maker, which enables marketers to design their e-brochures online and share them across platforms.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2020 --FlipBuilder is the leading provider of software solutions that revolutionize business marketing around the world, and its brochure maker, Flip PDF Pro is transforming digital publishing in Australia. The trusted company has built and delivered an amazing digital marketing brochure maker that individuals and businesses can use to create interactive and engaging online brochures.

Flip PDF Pro sports features that incorporate style and function with interactive visual elements that automatically engages readers. Businesses can build a relationship with potential customers by presenting their success in a fanciful and impressive way. These include using animations, photos, videos, audio, hotspots, links, and more, which ensures readers enjoy every minute going through the brochures. Apart from designing elegant business brochures, users can optimize them for search engines and use other share functionalities, making them accessible to a large audience and offering unlimited promotional opportunities to their businesses.

"The digital publishing scene in Australia is changing and we at FlipBuilder are at the vanguard of that change by making it easier for individuals and business people to put their information in an interactive way using our amazing brochure maker. With the sharing options, they can spread the e-brochures across the world and have them in front of readers right away," says Allan Chen, Chief Designer of FlipBuilder.

A unique way of presenting products to audiences is with digital brochures. Using the brochure maker, Flip PDF Pro, Australian brands can easily promote their products and services online through sleekly designed e-brochures. This helps expand brand visibility and market reach. Users can boost conversion rates, make more sales, and increase profitability by integrating lead magnets into their brochures using call to action buttons.

The brochure maker is specially designed for businesses to promote their products and services online without difficulties. At the same time, it's built with many flexible options for users to create an engaging e-brochure with immersive digital experience and customized elements. Marketers are supported by the brochure maker to spark creativity in their e-brochures.

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About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder has grown a reputation as the trusted and professional digital software provider who is committed to delivering the best flipbook software for digital marketing around the world. Their solutions enable individuals and businesses to convert static PDF files into interactive and engaging online flipbooks.