FlipBuilder's New Free Page Turning Software Has Google Analytics

Marketers can use Google Analytics to track the performance of their publications and improve where necessary.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/23/2021 --FlipBuilder launched a free page-turning software tool that comes with endless engagement possibilities for publishers. Known as Flip PDF Plus Pro, this software comes with HTML5 ready-to-use templates, backgrounds, themes, and scenes. The themes and templates are designed for different industries including education, tourism, entertainment, business, and more. Users get to choose the right template for their type of business, then change the theme, color, and background, and add the relevant animated scenes and other elements to make the publication more appealing.

Digital eBooks created through Flip PDF Plus Pro are easy to brand and market. The free page turning software allows publishers the flexibility they need to customize their flipbooks' toolbars using brand logos, colors, website icons, and images. This helps them establish brand awareness and credibility. They can also add hyperlinks and brand buttons to flipbook pages to boost interactivity and lead generation. With FlipBuilder, they'll be able to improve their product and brand marketing.

"At FlipBuilder, we want to help our clients market their publications," says Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipBuilder. "That's why we've integrated our free flipbook maker with modern social platforms to help you tap expansively into the digital realm and reach more readers. The more audience you have, the faster your publications will have a viral effect. And we have made the process easier by enabling readers to share book links with their friends and acquaintances or embed their projects on their sites so that anyone who visits will just click the link and view the publication."

The new free page turning software comes with multilingual interface support. The tool comes equipped with 11 languages including French, Portuguese, German, Spanish, and more. This allows users to publish their creations in target audience-specific languages in order to meet their needs in whatever region they are in the world. Flip PDF Plus Pro has made it easy for them to customize the flipbook language to reach non-English readers. It's evident that this new software is out to help publishers expand their digital reach.

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