FlipHTML5 Announces Industry-Leading Digital Publishing Software with a Simple User Interface

FlipHTML5 digital publishing software comes with a simple user interface that is super easy for users to create a digital publication.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/17/2018 --FlipHTML5 Software Co. Ltd., based in Hong Kong, has made digital publishing easy after announcing the digital publishing software today, with a better user interface. It is one of the world leading providers of digital publishing software. FlipHTML5 digital publishing software lets publishers create their own brand and make the public have the sense of it which would make the publication more user-friendly among competitors.

According to CEO of FlipHTML5, Winston Zhang, "We are very pleased to provide our clients with a software program that offered a richer reading experience with several interactive systems which made newspapers, magazines, and journals more interesting. Digital publications also reduced additional costs like printing and distribution that the publication house would have to bear." FlipHTML5 provides the solution to the publishers as well as their targeted readers who are not easy to connect with traditional printed material type advertising. This traditional way of advertising can be enriched with better quality and interactive web materials like photos, web links, graphics, animation, and videos.

FlipHTML5 has been proven to be a boon for those who are embracing the alternative to print media. Targeting a wide range of audience getting the content through the printed publications has always been a hurdle that has been faced every day by publishing houses in order to be successful. The other challenge that has been faced the most is to keep the readers captivating while putting the content online. The traditional media houses can utilize this software to publish their paper printed works by converting them into a digital format which further can be added, deleted and edited in an interactive way.

Individuals who want to publish their catalogs, flipbooks, magazines and other printed material online, FlipHTML5 enables them to easily design, distribute, and build their own content management system on the internet. With digital publishing software, publishers can come up with better marketing campaigns with suitable offers and deals. Reading patterns of their audience can be analyzed and enhanced with suggestions.

FlipHTML5 digital publishing software is totally free to use to its targeted audiences. It can target younger audience globally with a more interactive digital content. FlipHTML5 software can be accessible to anyone from novice to scholar. Digital publications have the potential to reach its subscribers simultaneously anywhere in the world. FlipHTML5 has promised to help publishers take their marketing challenges at ease by announcing a better way to their business needs.

FlipHTML5 digital publishing software is available free to download on the internet accessible from anywhere in the world easily. It is developed to make it compatible with all type of desktops and laptops. The complete tutorials have been given on the website with all the necessary steps to be followed to save the precious time of the users. Its simple user interface makes it the best among the digital publishing platforms.

About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 is a leading software publishing company that is dedicated to research and development of innovative e-publishing software to give users endless customization possibilities and help them reach out to their audience in the most interactive ways. For more information, please visit http://fliphtml5.com/.