FlipHTML5 Enables SEO-Enhanced Flipping Books Using the Flipping Book Tool

Users can utilize the flipping book tool to design SEO-friendly flipping books with customized keywords and page titles and more to enhance visibility on the search engines.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/03/2019 --Flipping books are essential in content marketing when they are integrated with users' e-commerce sites. They help to funnel consumers directly to the services or products they wish to purchase. FlipHTML5 provides a flipping book tool that enables users to design highly responsive digital flipping books to help to showcase their products and services. Users have access to more than ten book themes and templates for creating personalized flipping books that allow readers to click on pages, zoom in to read more and flip pages just like they would a real book. FlipHTML5 also enables users to have a custom domain for their flipping books.

"At FlipHTML5, we empower our clients to design flipping books that will work on all web browsers and mobile devices to give readers a seamless experience when reading through," said Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipHTML5. "This makes it easy for readers to access the flipping books anywhere. Users can create multiple flipping books and display them on bookcases for sharing with massive audiences worldwide. We also offer them free online hosting to publish their flipping books online without having their own websites."

FlipHTML5 offers users the opportunity to design digital flipping books that are SEO-friendly. By creating various SEO profiles and customizing page titles and keywords, they get high visibility on the search engines. The digital flipping books make it easy for readers to search using keywords, add bookmarks and even click on the links provided. The annotation from FlipHTML5 makes the flipping books look more stunning and interactive with added comments, signatures, corrections, photos, highlighting, drawings and designs. Readers can comment and engage their host regarding products and any other inquiries they may have.

"Our flipping book tool has a way of letting users create flipping books that will help them improve their online identity by making them intriguing and alluring," continued Mr. Zhang. "This somehow replaces the need for constantly posting engaging and original content on websites to make them look attractive. And to increase conversions and boost sales, all users need is to create interesting flipping books with rich, valuable and detailed content that communicates to readers."

FlipHTML5 helps users enhance their email marketing skills through developing captivating flipping books and embedding them into emails they send to their customers. Including presentations of their products or special offers in the flipping books will compel customers to purchase. Readers always expect some level of interactivity, and flipping books created using the flipping book tool allow this through the different multimedia including videos and audios integrated into the flipping books.

About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 helps users produce flipping books that ensure brand awareness and full representation of their businesses. The intriguing flipping books allow both loyal and potential customers to always identify users through their logos, style of communication and presentation of products, among others. For more information, please visit http://fliphtml5.com/.