FlipHTML5 Flip Book Maker Enables People to Create an Awesome Flip Book Faster

FlipHTML5 is a flip book maker that was developed in order to aid people in converting PDF files or images into flip books.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2018 --FlipHTML5 is a flip book maker that allows people to publish the content online to reach the maximum audience.

The world today revolves on the web, everything and everyone can be found on the internet. Books, stores, people, services, shopping, learning, playing and what not, there is nothing one cannot do on the internet. In this scenario, the libraries have gone digital and a plethora of books are published online every day. The ease of accessibility and interactive portals led to piquing the readers' interest and enabled them to read on the go.

Gamification has become a buzzword today, with people wanting more interactive materials while reading or studying. In this scenario, the flip book maker allows people to convert the simple and plain PDFs into flip books. The flipping page gives a credible look to the PDFs and also allows the readers to identify with the book in a better manner.

People can add videos, audio and sliders to their flip books to entice readers. Also, FlipHTML5 makes it possible for people to increase readership by publishing their flip books online and sharing them on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, G+ and so on.

Here's what the flip book maker can provide along with converting the PDF files into flip books:

1. Edit the Flip Book: The flip book needs some interactive materials along with quality content. With FlipHTML5, people can edit the flip book to make it reader-friendly. They can also work on the flip book anytime and from any location which has internet access.

2. Market the Flip Book: FlipHTML5 flip book maker can be used to establish the market value and also add a domain name of the book. A domain name projects a book as a fount literature and also allows the readers to have 24*7 access to it through various handheld devices or personal computers.

3. Track Statistics: The flip book maker has an added feature that monitors the online performance of the book published through it. This helps people get useful insights about the written content strengthening their opinion and prowess for future publications.

About FlipHTML5
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