FlipHTML5 Has Been Tagged as One of the Top Distance Teaching Tools of 2020

FlipHTML5 has become one of the top distance teaching tools of this year due to its ease of use and versatility.


HongKong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2020 --The need for robust distance teaching tools is being earnestly felt today more than ever. Doing away with physical proximity between teachers and learners, these tools are ensuring the maintenance of requisite social distance at all times, without allowing learning to be compromised.

Distance teaching tools are being eagerly sought in an environment where it is just not recommended for humans to gather together in close proximity. Therefore, it only makes sense to evaluate distance teaching tools in 2020. In that assessment, FlipHTML5 consistently emerged among the topmost and most preferred distance teaching tools from among others in the fray.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipHTML5 said, "It gives us immense pride to see FlipHTML5 being the preferred distance teaching tool for instructors and learners around the world. It is clearly an affirmation of the immense hard work we have put in towards ensuring that FlipHTML5 fulfills the needs of our esteemed customers in every way possible."

Reasons Users Ranked FlipHTML5 So High

Among the many reasons cited for FlipHTML5 to be rated so highly was its ease of use. Most users of distance teaching tools are not technical experts. Any excessively technical teaching tool is unlikely to be patronized by them since it would unnecessarily complicate things by increasing their own learning curve on the tool. In case of FlipHTML5, it was found that within a matter of minutes, teachers were able to grasp their way around it, creating vivid flipbooks in a flash. Similarly, at the learners end, they were able to go over the flipbooks given to them with ease and get the desired learning results without a fuss.

The needs of both teachers and learners vary considerably. Putting them all into one proverbial "box" would definitely not fit the bill. In this case, there is vast flexibility in the kind of files that the tool can handle, such as PDF documents, TXT files and images. Similarly, both input files and the resultant flipbooks can be in a vast array of languages from all around the world.

Accordingly, FlipHTML5 is in a unique position to fulfill the needs of a very diverse array of instructors and learners in a way that practically any other distance teaching tool finds very difficult to do.

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About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 is a robust interactive HTML5 digital publishing platform that makes it easy to create flipbooks from PDF documents, TXT files and images. Featuring a powerful Online Editor, FlipHTML5 does not require desktop client installation. Besides text, dynamic multimedia content such as audio, videos, images and links can be incorporated into flipbooks created on FlipHTML5.