FlipHTML5 Has the Finest eBook Maker

FlipHTML5 provides users with excellent online publishing services and it can also be used as an eBook maker.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2020 --Hardly anyone reads paper-based books anymore. As the world progresses to digital versions of almost everything, books are no exception. With this growing trend, writers need an eBook maker that will let them create the best experience for their readers. FlipHTML5's eBook maker definitely fits the bill.

FlipHTML5 helps writers get started right with more than ten varied eBook templates that they can personalize and themes to give a more polished appearance. That takes the guesswork out of deciding the best way to design and create an eBook. Books made with FlipHTML5 can flip horizontally or vertically with a page-turning effect that imitates a traditional book. The FlipHTML5 eBook maker accommodates seventeen languages so writers are not limited by language barriers.

Depending on the type of eBook being made, writers have the option of inserting multimedia elements to enhance their text. For example, cookbooks can have videos of the method of preparation, links to purchase ingredients, and photos of the finished product. Books in PDF format can be effortlessly converted to flipbooks. FlipHTML5's eBook maker truly transforms digital publishing.

The FlipHTML5 eBook maker also has a new e-commerce option that writers can use to sell their self-published books on the platform. They can easily set parameters like cost, currency, and what pages can be previewed. The whole book can only be viewed by FlipHTML5 users who are logged in and have paid the purchase price. Revenue is paid directly to the PayPal account identified by the writer. eBook publishers can view statistics relating to their books such as views, likes, shares, and the average read time.

eBooks are written with the intention that they will be read. Books created with FlipHTML5's eBook maker make this easy as they can be read on just about any device – web browsers on a computer as well as mobile phones and tablets. The reading experience is smooth as the books are processed fast and efficiently.

Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5 praises the eBook maker. "This interface is groundbreaking. It allows writers to be able to do so much more with their eBooks, and all without any technical skills. We're very proud of it."

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About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 is an inventive platform that is taking digital publishing to heights never known before. The eBook maker is just one of its offerings that enable digital publishers to enhance their content.