FlipHTML5 Helps to Create Newsletters to Improve Customer Engagement

FlipHTML5 understands the benefits of creating engaging and user-friendly newsletters during this pandemic lockdown for all business owners worldwide.


HongKong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2020 --FlipHTML5 launched a newsletter creating and formatting platform. During this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, both big and small businesses need to connect with their customers. Due to that, sending newsletters to them will help in keeping the conversation going and also informing them about the available products and services.

Why use FlipHTML5 to create newsletters
FlipHTML5 is designed to cater for all features that a newsletter should contain. When a company employs FlipHTML5 in designing newsletters, it gains the following benefits;

Enhancing customer experience
FlipHTML5 is designed to adapt all the features of a newsletter. The users of FlipHTML5 have a chance to maintain the structure of the usual newsletter and even improve on it. The created newsletters are friendly and can be sent to all types of email platforms. In short, user experience is maintained by adding several important features like subject line, signature, and multimedia.

Increasing the interactivity of the newsletter
Some newsletters are dull and unfriendly to use. FlipHTML5 users can create very interactive and friendly newsletters that can keep customers happy during this lockdown period. Elements like GIF images can be included in the newsletter to keep clients engaged. With FlipHTML5, users can link back to their websites and showcase available products and services.

Keeping the newsletter brief but detailed
Though customers may like details, not all of them love reading long stories. With FlipHTML5, users can make the newsletter seem short but detailed with content that can be flipped from one page to another instead of scrolling down for endless information. This feature makes the newsletter enjoyable to read.

Including motivational and encouraging information
The current newsletters need to be motivational and encouraging to make people feel hopeful during these hard times. With FlipHTML5, users can have the first page beefed with motivational quotes to encourage people and assure them that soon thing will be ok. "I will design the software so that it can make work easy for our clients who wish to save time," said Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5. Due to her hard work and amazing design skills, FlipHTML5 can provide exceptional services.

For more information, please visit https://fliphtml5.com/.

About FlipHTML5
The modern and advanced technology used by FlipHTML5 has changed things. Today, all the documents made using FlipHTML5 can be viewed on mobile phones. The newsletter that will be designed using this software will be compatible with all types of devices that people use every day. For all users who wish to make interactive newsletters, FlipHTML5 is the best.