FlipHTML5 Helps to Create Responsive Flipbooks Using the PDF to Flipbook Tool

Users can convert their PDF files into highly responsive HTML5 flipbooks with customized features such as links, videos, logos and more for sharing across platforms and devices.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/09/2019 --Converting PDF to flipbook takes the shortest time ever when using the PDF to flipbook software at FlipHTML5. All that is needed is to simply upload PDFs and convert them to highly responsive HTML5 flipbooks that can easily be edited. FlipHTML5 software is easy to use even for amateur users. Users can create flipbooks that are responsive and accessible across all devices where readers can zoom in on the picture details or search for keywords to find their desired content quickly.

"Our PDF to flipbook software offers endless options where users can easily embed YouTube/Vimeo videos into their flipbooks to offer additional details or showcase their products or services," said Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipHTML5. "As we all know, videos can improve retention and saleability for enterprises. We also have multiple design options that would help to increase the visual appearance of the flipbooks such as pictures and other impactful and eye-catching designs. We also support multiple formats to ensure even the eccentric file sizes are converted into beautiful flipbooks."

FlipHTML5 enables users to create flipbooks that are easy to share, which significantly reduces the advertising and marketing costs for enterprises. The digital flipbooks from FlipHTML5 are the ultimate low-cost advertising solutions that help businesses stay relevant. They can be shared through simple links through emails or social media with no download or upload time required. With the built-in security features, users can decide who can view, download or share their creations. They can create password-protected flipbooks and restrict access to specific audiences and enable or disable print options on the flipbooks.

"We also offer custom branding where users can have a custom domain for their flipbooks and own their personal brands on their flipbooks and not on FlipHTML5's," continued Mr. Zhang. "This will enable them to have better exposure on search engines, and they can publicize their domain name with ease and earn the trust of their audiences. Custom domains also make it easy for them to monetize their flipbooks."

FlipHTML5 allows users to create SEO-optimized flipbooks to help them increase indexing, views and their overall popularity online. Users can customize functions such as keywords, page titles, and product descriptions to allow high performance and high ranking on Google searches. The built-in statistics function will provide them with insightful data on the activities of their audiences to help them adjust or enhance their marketing efforts.

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