FlipHTML5 Is a Powerful Online Flyer Maker for Advertising

FlipHTML5, a convenient online flyer maker, can easily create and publish digital flyers with page-turning animation effects online.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/05/2021 --Billions of people spend hours online every day. This makes the internet the perfect place to advertise businesses and brands. People now pay less attention to flyers posted on walls or handed to them on the street. They're far more likely to take a second look at an attractive digital flyer that appears online. FlipHTML5 is a powerful online flyer maker that lets advertisers create interactive flyers that will grab and hold their target audiences' attention.

"Our online flyer maker makes advertising so much more interesting," says Jackie Peng, Customer Service of FlipHTML5.

The online flyer maker from FlipHTML5 is super easy to use. Advertisers don't need coding or any other technical skills, so they can focus on promoting their business. The process is as simple as importing a PDF version of the flyer and FlipHTML5 will convert it to web-friendly HTML5 format. The user can publish the flyer as is if no changes are needed, or they can customize it on the FlipHTML5 platform.

FlipHTML5's online flyer maker offers more than ten templates that advertisers can use to create their flyers. These templates require very little configuration and will produce professional flyers every time. Users can also choose different themes, add their logo, and customize colors and backgrounds to reflect their brand image.

Static flyers are quickly becoming outdated. With this online flyer maker, advertisers can add various multimedia components to their flyers to make them more appealing. In addition to text, images, audio, animations, and video will provide a more complete impression of the product or service being advertised. Users can add hyperlinks that will take viewers directly to sales pages or pages where they can get more information about the product.

The finished flyer can be exported in several formats including ZIP, EXE, and HTML. From the user's local computer, they can burn it to CDs/DVDs or transfer it to a flash disk or USB for offline use. Another option is to upload the flyer to the cloud that comes with the online flyer maker. There it can be viewed by all FlipHTML5 users. Advertisers can also share the flyer via email using the URL, embed it on their websites using the embed code, or share it on social media.

For more information about the online flyer maker, please visit FlipHTML5.

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