FlipHTML5 Is One of the Best Virtual Learning Tools

FlipHTML5 is a long-established digital publishing platform. When used as a virtual learning tool, it can convert a textbook PDF into an interactive flipbook that can be shared and read online across devices.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2021 --Technological advances have led to a change in the way education is offered. No longer are students and teachers required to meet in a physical space for teaching and learning to take place. Virtual learning tools have made it not just possible, but easy for learning to take place in a virtual environment. Recent world events have made this a necessity, not a luxury. With FlipHTML5, virtual learning tools are even more engaging and make the learning process more appealing.

Keeping students involved with the lesson can be difficult in a virtual learning environment. Virtual learning tools need to address that. With FlipHTML5, teachers can include various multimedia elements in their flipbooks. Images and videos of the content being taught will prove more attractive to students than simple text. Audio files such as the teacher explaining a difficult concept may also be beneficial. And links can be added for students to get additional information.

FlipHTML5 is one of the most interactive virtual learning tools. It provides students with the opportunity to feel like they're reading an actual book with the page-flipping sound and effect. Page flipping is available in vertical and horizontal orientations. The flipbook is easy to create. FlipHTML5 converts PDF, Microsoft Word, and other file types into flipbooks in no time. And there are more than ten templates to choose from when designing the flipbook.

Virtual learning tools need to be accessible. With FlipHTML5, teachers and students alike can access their flipbooks any time, and from anywhere. They're designed to work on all types of devices for a seamless reading experience. FlipHTML5's flipbooks can be shared quickly and easily. Instead of sending bulky PDF files, teachers can share the link for the flipbooks with students via email or even on social media. The flipbooks can be updated just as easily and once an update is done, there's no need to resend the URL – updates reflect automatically.

Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5 states "our virtual learning tools were designed to make teaching and learning in a virtual environment easier for everyone involved."

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