FlipHTML5 Is One of the Most Powerful Remote Working Tools for Business

FlipHTML5, one of the most powerful remote working tools, allows employees to communicate effectively.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2020 --As the COVID-19 pandemic forces businesses to turn to remote working, employees have become increasingly reliant on advanced remote working tools to function effectively and achieve company goals. FlipHTML5 is one of the most powerful remote working tools, enabling organizations and individuals to engage and captivate their audience in this new environment.

"We know that, with the current situation, remote working has become the new norm," stated Jackie Peng, Customer Service of FlipHTML5. "While this has numerous advantages, one issue has been the ability to communicate and really engage with your audience. FlipHTML5 bridges the gap in communication by using interactive flipbooks to draw in audiences. Whether you are a salesperson looking to close a deal or a teacher trying to excite your students, FlipHTML5 allows you to deliver your message powerfully and effectively."

FlipHTML5 is a powerful and versatile remote working tool that converts PDFs or images into immersive and exciting flipbooks. Users can also create flipbooks from scratch. Since no coding or specialized knowledge is required, complete beginners can avail themselves of the benefits of flipbooks. A simple and intuitive interface allows them to easily access the most advanced features.

Unlike normal PDFs, flipbooks can be customized to include multimedia such as audio, video, and images. Links can be strategically incorporated to encourage readers to visit the company website or complete some other action. Animations and further customization of fonts and backgrounds allow users to create stunning flipbooks that are able to really amaze and keep the attention of the reader. The flipping effect bridges the gap in online communication, giving readers the feeling of turning a company catalog or newsletter. Once created, these flipbooks can be incorporated into numerous online communications, including webinars, emails, and websites, enabling users to impress and captivate their audience.

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