FlipHTML5 Is Recognized as One of the Best Remote Teaching Tools for Teachers

COVID-19 has created situations where people cannot go on with regular course work in class. The problem calls for distance learning enhanced by remote teaching tools.


HongKong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2020 --FlipHTML5 launched a highly ranked tool in the world of the distant learning platform. FlipHTML5 is among the most advanced technology in the modern learning world that enhances distance teaching, making it fun, easy, and friendly.

Why is FlipHTML5 the best remote teaching tool?

FlipHTML5 gives teachers an easy way of collaborating, sharing, creating, and editing their teaching content. This tool helps participants use it without downloading and installing it on their computers. With integrated video enabling tools, FlipHTML5 can allow teachers to share flipbooks that open like slide shows, flipping pages, or visually enhanced HTML content.

FlipHTML5 gives an asynchronous learning process.
The teaching process supported by FlipHTML5 is asynchronous, thus helping students learn at their own pace. Students can pause the learning session and continue from where they stopped. That helps learners follow the teaching material at a slow pace, thus understand more than using the normal learning process. "We all need to work together in making this remote teaching tool viral so that we give the required education to our youngsters who are at home," said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5.

An easy to use tool
With FlipHTML5 remote teaching tool, teaching and handling of the assignment is made easy. With this tool, teachers can give our task then monitor the number of students who have viewed the task, those who have downloaded it, and those who have shared it with their friends. The user-friendliness of this remote teaching tool is among the best features that teachers can enjoy.

Friendly learning material conversion
Teachers who have their teaching materials in any format and they wish to make something friendly and attractive to learners can use the FlipHTML5 remote teaching tool. With this tool, they can convert the material to any thinkable form. For instance, converting PDF documents to HTML versions and making flipbooks can be done by just pressing a button. That indicates that the FlipHTML5 remote teaching tool can be used to do more work than other remote teaching tools that only accommodate one-way conversation.

For more information, please visit https://fliphtml5.com/.

About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 tools have been in the market for some time now, and the work that is done using them is commendable. The same thing goes to the FlipHTML5 remote teaching tool. It is a tool that will brighten the future of learners.