FlipHTML5 Is the Ideal Platform for Designing Distance Teaching Tools

Tutors can create digital education books and video content to help deliver content for learners to catch up with their syllabus.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2021 --FlipHTML5 caters to the needs of all industries, including education. That's why it has developed the platform to help educators with distance teaching tools. Distance education eliminates in-person interaction. Educators have to come up with convenient tools and teaching materials that will make the whole process easy. This is because distance education relies on these educational tools. If not, educators will not achieve their goals and objectives. FlipHTML5 provides tools that will enhance distance teaching in theoretical and practical aspects.

Distance education is often remote, connecting teachers with students across the globe. The only way to remain efficient is by having the proper distance teaching tools. At FlipHTML5, tutors access tools to use in creating digital books and video-based content to share with learners. This teaching method is very convenient for many who have busy schedules and can't afford the convenience of availing themselves in physical classrooms.

"At FlipHTML5, we understand the needs of distance education," says Ken Glenn, the CMO of FlipHTML5. "We are glad to provide the distance teaching tools to allow teachers to continue with their work of educating students from wherever they are in the world. Many circumstances can hinder classroom education, but that doesn't have to limit tutors from delivering lessons on time. Our platform gives them access to plenty of tools they can use to deliver quality learning materials to any place in the world."

Situations have changed lately, especially with the health threat from COVID-19. This has limited travel and physical contact in learning institutions and other social areas. The best way for teachers to continue providing lessons is by creating e-books on the various subjects and sharing them with students. FlipHTML5 ensures that they have advanced distance teaching tools to publish and share or send via email, embed on websites, or through social connections.

FlipHTML5 ensures students access quality education by enabling teachers to utilize its platform to create interactive distance teaching tools. Its powerful HTML5 technology ensures convenience for mobile users. Creating correspondence course material at FlipHTML5 is as easy as importing content in PDF and converting it into an engaging e-classroom with embedded visuals and audio before sharing. FlipHTML5 allows tutors to import their materials or start designing them from scratch at the platform.

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