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Online publishing platform FlipHTML5 offers a one-stop solution to all publishers worldwide, from transforming print magazines to online ones.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2021 --Online magazines are quite the trend nowadays. It comes as no surprise as almost everything has become digital. Publishers are quickly realizing that the costs of printing those glossy magazines that used to be all the rage have become redundant. Hardly anyone picks up a printed magazine anymore. People spend most of their time with electronic devices and that's where they read magazines too. Making the switch to online magazines may appear daunting, but with a magazine creator like FlipHTML5, it doesn't have to be.

FlipHTML5 is a magazine creator that converts static PDF files to interactive, media-rich online magazines. Unlike the traditional magazine that's limited to text and images, a FlipHTML5 online magazine can also include audio, video, and links. This opens up a world of possibilities for readers to immerse themselves in the magazine. Instead of just reading about a product or service, or looking at still images, readers can watch and hear it come to life.

This is a magazine creator that will turn a travel magazine into a virtual vacation, a food magazine into cooking demos, and an equipment magazine into a tool shop tutorial. Plus, advertisers can include links to their websites for readers to get more information or even purchase directly. None of this is possible with a regular paper-based magazine.

FlipHTML5 is an all-inclusive magazine creator. It provides online hosting for publications with its virtual bookshelf; the option of a custom domain is also available. The magazines can be exported to the creator's local computer and hosted on their websites as well. Publishers can take advantage of the eCommerce feature for selling their magazines. This feature provides useful customer insight that can help with sales.

There's no longer the need to carry magazines around. With this magazine creator, publications can be read anywhere, at any time, on any internet-capable device. Readers can even subscribe to their favorite publications and be alerted when new content is published. The reading experience is similar to that of a traditional magazine with horizontal or vertical flipping pages and a page-turning sound effect.

"This magazine creator will definitely make it easier for publishers to transition from paper-based to online magazines," says Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5.

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