FlipHTML5 Launches Its Flipbook Software for Online Education During the Coronavirus Lockdown

The flipbook software enables medical agencies and health organizations to create flipbooks that help audiences learn more about the Coronavirus.


HongKong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2020 --FlipHTML5, a global digital publishing technology solution provider, is helping businesses, publishers, and marketers design interactive flipbooks for online and offline sharing. Today, FlipHTML5 has launched its flipbook software for online education during the current Coronavirus lockdown. The company aims to help different organizations and agencies create awareness in the Coronavirus epidemic that is currently affecting people globally. Users can create flipbooks that will be delivered across websites, emails, and social media through electronic devices to inform, educate, and update the masses regarding the Coronavirus scourge.

Users can design different digital content such as reports, magazines, and newsletters, and more with interactive media to make them comprehensible to readers. At this moment, everyone needs to be educated on Coronavirus, its symptoms, preventive measures, and treatment options to help them take the necessary steps in case they have to face the disease. Medical institutions can utilize the tools provided to market their services and products that will help curb the epidemic and also inform the people on what to do to prevent it or its spread.

"We intended our flipbook software to help our clients become a trusted resource for relevant information on the critical Coronavirus," said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5. "Millions of people will greatly benefit from this information. They will be able to understand how the disease affects them, its symptoms, treatment, and preventive and extra precautions they must take to avoid infection. Creating educational digital flipbooks will benefit both users and their audiences."

FlipHTML5 offers users comprehensive customization options that will help them manage their flipbooks. They can personalize them and integrate them with their websites to strengthen audience engagements. With the digital bookcase provision, users can compile multiple flipbooks on various subjects on Coronavirus and display them on digital bookcases embedded on their websites. While educating people about Coronavirus, they can also monetize their flipbooks and earn revenue through the e-commerce feature.

FlipHTML5 provides a subscription feature that enables readers to receive updated information automatically. This gives users the chance to offer new details about Coronavirus the moment they receive it. This will help save many lives while allowing users to showcase their skills and sell their products across platforms. They will also be able to create brand awareness and establish lasting relationships with many people who will find them resourceful and reliable.

For more information, please visit https://fliphtml5.com/.

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