FlipHTML5 Launches World's Incredible Flipping Book Tool for Windows and Mac Users

FlipHTML5 launches its flipping book tool that enables both Windows and Mac users to create attractively designed flipping books for all their needs.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/20/2018 --FlipHTML5 is a leading name in the whole HTML5 digital publishing platform. It helps the user to convert the self-customized Adobe PDF documents into flipping books. It is basically a digital publishing solution which helps the user to turn the PDF pages into the attractively designed pages that are used in e-books and magazines.

"Your hunting for a remarkable tool for digital publication will come to an end once you encounter with FlipHTML5 – that's the power of this tool." Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5 said.

FlipHTML5 is the best flipping book tool that is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Apart from that FlipHTML5 is very user-friendly and anybody can work on it even without any prior knowledge or experience. Along with all remarkable features it also has the copy pasting options. Thus, users can easily create a flipping book with the help of FlipHTML5.

FlipHTML5 helps to create a customized flipbook with more than 10 design templates and themes. Thus, flipbook created with FlipHTML5 will have a very attractive and professional look. FlipHTML5 also enables the user to flip their flipbook both vertically and horizontally. The best thing about FlipHTML5 is that it requires minimal configuration.

FlipHTML5 supports three file formats: PDF, Office, and Image. It also provides an online editor and helps to add multimedia to the digital publication. For example, FlipHTML5 allows the user to include YouTube videos, images, flash and text in their digital flipbook. Most importantly, it does not require any plugin or software to do it. Thus, with the insertion of videos and high-quality images, FlipHTML5 enables the user to create an extraordinary homepage for their flipbook.

FlipHTML5 also has a feature to upload the file online which helps the user share their flipbook with their friends, clients, and customers. However, for uploading the flipbook, the user needs to create an account otherwise they will not be allowed to upload anything. This is one of the most important security features of FlipHTML5 which makes sure that no objectionable images or videos are uploaded. FlipHTML5, world's best flipping book tool, is highly used to make an attractive portfolio, product catalog or brochure, digital magazines, and journals.

The best feature of FlipHTML5 is that it supports all the common web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox Mozilla, Opera, etc. and it also supports mobile reading, which means that readers can read the flipping books with all types of mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets. For more information, please visit http://fliphtml5.com/.

About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 is a famous publishing software development company owned and operated by Wonder Idea Technology Co. Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong, China. The company specializes in providing a wide range of professional e-publishing solutions for book publishers to produce an online magazine, website contents, user manuals, digital annual reports and so on.