FlipHTML5 Offers a Convenient Online Brochure Maker for Everyone

FlipHTML5 is widely used by business professionals as a powerful online brochure maker, which can convert their bulky PDFs into HTML5 brochures that can be shared and read online through a single URL.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2021 --Brochures are a useful tool for sharing information about products and services. They're often used to disperse public service information, provide educational materials, and advertise products in general. Most people are used to brochures in paper form. But, as with most things nowadays, brochures are quickly going digital. Digital brochures are more convenient and accessible for everyone involved. One might wonder how to get with the trend of online brochures. FlipHTML5 offers a convenient online brochure maker that anyone can use to produce attractive online brochures.

"Our online brochure maker gives our customers a chance to make the most of technology to advance their businesses," says CEO of FlipHTML5, Winston Zhang. "And it's very easy to use."

FkipHTML5's online brochure maker is the height of simplicity. It only requires a user to import their PDF brochure and select a template that they'd like to use; the online brochure maker does the rest. Of course, the template can be easily customized to match the creator's brand and image. Plus, they can choose whether the brochure flips vertically or horizontally.

Paper brochures by nature are static, with flat, unmoving images. With an online brochure maker like FlipHTML5, advertisers can bring their brochures to life. It features an online editor that allows for the addition of multimedia components like audio, video, and links. Readers will have a more exciting experience as they can see the product in action, hear other users talk about it, and follow links for more information.

Persons often have a difficult time reading some sections of paper brochures. This online brochure maker creates zoomable brochures so readers can make any section larger or smaller to suit their needs. The online brochures are also searchable and are a great SEO tool. Users can find what they need quickly, and can even be directed from a search engine to the online brochure.

Online brochures don't require the printing and distribution costs of regular brochures. And readers don't need to carry them around. With FlipHTML5's online brochure maker, publications are available anywhere there's an internet connection. They're supported by mobile devices as well as web browsers. It's a much more convenient way to get information to target audiences.

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FlipHTML5 is a digital publishing platform. It allows content creators to convert static documents of all kinds into interactive flipbooks.