FlipHTML5 Provides a Guideline for Creating Engaging Newsletters

The guideline helps businesses stay in touch with their customers, providing them with news and updates on recent developments using interactive newsletters.


HongKong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2020 --Newsletter marketing is quickly becoming a necessity, especially now that many individuals and businesses are adopting the work-from-home, learn-at-home, and online shopping approach. That's why FlipHTML5 is providing a guideline for creating engaging newsletters to help users build lasting connections with a diverse clientele. The company understands the importance of staying in touch and connecting with clients for business continuity, so it has made it easy for users to design newsletters to keep the audience informed about the latest industry news and trends.

In the guideline, FlipHTML5 stresses the importance of creating an engaging experience for customers. Using appealing templates and HTML5 formats will ensure that people comfortably access the newsletters on any device. To make them more readable, they should be consistently designed with summarized content and bright images or GIFs that capture the readers' attention. If well targeted, detail-oriented newsletters can build customer trust and increase sales and revenue.

"For newsletter marketing campaigns to be successful, users should focus on targeting and segmenting," said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5. "This will enable them to provide timely updates to target clients based on their intent and responses. It is also easy to send exclusive offers or coupons to different segments of customers if the business offers multiple products. In this way, it'll generate more sales from different angles."

Creating engaging newsletters requires timely delivery. Users should always make sure that their audiences get new and relevant information on time. Through FlipHTML5's newsletter templates, they can furnish audiences with information about major events, new products and offers, and upcoming trends. Knowing that they can count on their regular clients will build more trust and adherence to the brand. Keeping in touch through engaging newsletters embellished with videos, images, graphics, and audio will show them that their favorite brand is still in business.

There are times when people yearn for inspirational messages. Such moments of difficulty and uncertainty like the COVID-19 pandemic can cause anxiety in many people, especially when they are locked out of their jobs and daily activities. During such situations, positive newsletters with messages of hope can help to restore hope in them. Users can design inspirational newsletters and distribute them to audiences through links to their websites, via email or post them on social media platforms. Businesses can achieve much engagement in this way while sticking to their industry's niche. With FlipHTML5's tools and features, enterprises can fulfill their goals and win over many prospects regardless of where they are.

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