FlipHTML5 Provides a Tutorial on How to Make a Flipbook

FlipHTML5 has released a free tutorial on how to make a great flipbook.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/10/2019 --Despite the many benefits of interactive digital flipbooks, many companies have neglected to take advantage of this powerful tool due to the associated costs. Now FlipHTML5 has released a comprehensive tutorial so that complete beginners can learn how to make a flipbook without using the services of an expensive professional. The tutorial, like software used to create a flipbook, is completely free so even the most budget-conscious organization can avail themselves of this advanced technology.

"Static PDFs have limited appeal to readers," said Anna Lee, designer of FlipHTML5. "Our digital flipbooks have powerful and interactive elements that can really engage readers and have a great impact. By offering this tutorial and our solution free of charge, we hope to enable more companies and organizations to take advantage of the many advantages that digital flipbooks offer."

The tutorial does not require any specialist knowledge as it is simple and easy to understand. Users can upload any PDF to create their very own flipbooks. Multiple templates are available for them to choose from, so those new to designing will have no problems getting started. The templates are customizable, encouraging users to express themselves fully and put their individual stamps on the designs.

Rich media such as video clips, audio, photos and links can also be included to deliver a truly amazing reading experience. Anyone can use the available tools to create vivid animations that literally bring ideas to life. Call to action can be embedded throughout the flipbook, greatly enhancing the chances of making a sale. The created flipbook can be published offline, where it can be stored on CD, USB or hard drive, or online where it can be embedded in a website or shared via social media.

A key benefit of FlipHTML5 is that the full interactive features of the flipbook can be enjoyed seamlessly on any platform or device. As many people read the flipbooks on smartphones and tablets, this universal compatibility ensures that everyone can enjoy the interactive effects embedded in the flipbook, enabling companies to reach as many people as possible.

About FlipHTML5
Headquartered in Hong Kong, FlipHTML5 is a free platform that create advanced and interactive digital flipbooks. The company is dedicated to bring the unique benefits of digital flipbooks to as many people as possible. For more information, please visit http://fliphtml5.com/