FlipHTML5 Provides Teachers with Strategies for Remote Teaching

Using FlipHTML5, teachers can create an engaging and supportive teaching environment that will help learners grasp lessons comfortably.


HongKong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2020 --Teachers are tasked with creating a positive environment, whether offering lessons remotely or in a classroom. Online teachers have an added role in making sure that the online teaching environment is engaging and supportive enough to help students grasp lessons comfortably. To help them achieve this, FlipHTML5 has developed strategies they can use during their remote teaching sessions. The strategies are meant to assist them in improving online teaching by forming an active learning community that will be beneficial for them and the students.

Teachers should always keep a schedule when offering lessons remotely. This will allow the learners to prepare themselves for the lessons as they come. Having a timetable will ensure consistency in lesson attendance. If they set deadlines for completing lessons, submitting given assignments and taking tests, the students will come prepared and motivated. At the same time, the education program's overall worth will be increased since all participants are obliged to play their part. A schedule will ensure that all the activities planned by the teacher are organized and completed within the stipulated time.

"We devised these teaching strategies to empower teachers to motivate their students during the lessons," said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5. "Teachers can establish personal connections with students through qualitative feedback and other motivational techniques to foster student growth. Learners are always eager to know how they are doing and will appreciate it when teachers give them feedback regularly. This also helps them pinpoint areas they need to improve or seek further assistance. Continuous feedback also makes them feel noticed as part of the larger learning community."

To make remote teaching effective, teachers should encourage independent learning. They can help their students develop new skills and practices during their free time. With self-paced learning, students can multi-task and learn different things apart from the online classes given by the teachers. While teaching, teachers can also give the students time to work on the remaining concepts of a topic independently or work on given assignments during their breaks. They can also create social platforms from where they will interact with students and provide feedback. This will also allow students to interact, share and exchange ideas with their peers.

Teachers should utilize a technology like FlipHTML5 to deliver lessons remotely. FlipHTML5 will allow them to create interactive and engaging learning materials and publish them online where students can easily access them. At FlipHTML5, they'll be free to design materials embellished with videos, images, graphics, and animations that'll help students understand concepts better. The platform offers them a custom bookcase where they can collate their publications and share with students and colleagues through various channels online. Through the platform, teachers will organize their classes, motivate and monitor students' growth and encourage independent learning.

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