FlipHTML5 Releases an Ideal Online eBook Creator for eBook Creation

With the launch of online eBook creator by FlipHTML5, users can create their own eBooks in minutes.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/22/2018 --During the last couple of months, FlipHTML5 has gained massive popularity thanks to a couple of new services offered by the application. Now, FlipHTML5 is proud to announce the release of their newest future, the online eBook creator.

While eBooks have been around for quite a couple of years, the reader's experience has not changed much since their original appearance. At this moment in time, most eBooks can display basic pictures, and allow people to underline passages, look up words or go to a certain page. However, the way most eBooks look has remained mostly the same, while their features have been enhanced.

To help combat this fact, FlipHTML5 has just announced their online eBook creator, meant to offer readers a better and more interactive experience. The FlipHTML5 allows people to glide away from the traditional static PDF. With this in mind, users will be allowed to add appealing elements, meant to help readers consume the book faster, and be more entertained while doing so.

Some of the elements that users can add include images, background music, videos, bookmarks, notes, but also the popular zoom-in effect. Not only this, but it also appears in an online, realistic bookcase, which is nothing short of perfect for book lovers from all around the world. Some main benefits of the online eBook creator include the possibility to import PDF documents, to define page quality, support to import logos, URLs, but also to change visual and technical aspects, such as the colour of the font, icon, toolbar, description, background and more.

Currently, using the FlipHTML5 app, users are free to create various types of eBooks including magazines, catalogues, brochures and so on. The application is available for Windows and Mac users. Go and free download FlipHTML5 online eBook creator now.

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