FlipHTML5 Releases Its Distance Teaching Tool for Better Online Teaching Results

FlipHTML5 impresses the world by launching its distance teaching tool. The game-changing tool empowered by FlipHTML5 enables teachers to convert their PDF textbooks into flipbooks and engage students by presenting rich teaching materials on the flipbooks.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2020 --Digital publishing platform, FlipHTML5 recently announced the launch of a flexible and efficient distance teaching tool. The new tool enables users of FlipHTML5 to create highly interactive and engaging flipbooks from PDF files. Distance learning enthusiasts have hailed this new announcement by FlipHTML5 as a transformative change in the global landscape of education.

Speaking about the new tool, designer of FlipHTML5, Anna Lee, said, "We are stepping into a new age of digital transformation in the field of education. And our focus on simplifying access to education while making it engaging has driven us to come up with our new offering." She added, "Our new distance teaching tool for converting PDF files into online flipbooks is here to mark the new beginning in the field of distance teaching."

Users can find the new FlipHTML5 tool for the conversion of PDF files into online flipbooks helpful for creating interactive study materials from extensive learning resources. Rather than forcing students to read through pages of PDF files, teachers can use the FlipHTML5 distance teaching tool for creating appealing flipbooks. Teachers can share the flipbooks through email, chat groups, or social media platforms, thereby reaching students where they are most likely to be present.

Most important of all, FlipHTML5 also enables the use of flipbooks for online presentations. Teachers could deliver online presentations by using the flipbooks created with FlipHTML5. Anna Lee stated, "FlipHTML5 aims at tackling all conventional barriers in distance education, primarily related to the delivery of learning resources to students." With the facility of sharing flipbooks for online presentations in remote teaching, FlipHTML5 distance teaching tool presents viable promises for improving distance learning.

The distance teaching tool of FlipHTML5 not only simplifies the tasks for teachers but also for students. Students can use the flipbooks shared by teachers for reviewing their lessons after the class ends. Therefore, FlipHTML5 works perfectly as a distance teaching tool by ensuring that students are capable of following up on their lessons effectively.

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About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 is a revolutionary digital publishing platform that leverages the optimum potential of technology for transforming document publishing solutions. The effectiveness of FlipHTML5 in digital publishing has also improved its capabilities as a distance teaching tool by converting textbooks into engaging and attractive flipbooks. FlipHTML5 continues to explore new technology and tailor its solutions for addressing the emerging needs of clients.