FlipHTML5 Supports Distance Education in the Time of Coronavirus

FlipHTML5 enables publishers to convert PDF files into interactive flipbooks to create an ideal method for distance education.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/30/2020 --FlipHTML5, a digital publishing company today announced a software solution which helps publishers, schools, universities and teachers transform PDF documents to flipbooks for an immersive distance education experience. In the time of Coronavirus, it has become imperative for schools and universities to find engaging tools for distance education. The software by FlipHTML5 provides a real-life classroom setting for students through interactive flipbooks which make learning fun and exciting.

FlipHTML5 offers a software application which can transform PDF files into a realistic 3D page. The conversion is made by incorporating HTML5 and CSS3 into a contemporary web-design. This results in faster loading of images and texts while using flipbooks. An individual who does not have a technical background can also create flip pages easily. The conversion process of PDF files into flipbooks can be carried out within a few minutes without having to write complex codes. The online book can be made aesthetically pleasing with the help of a wide range of themes, models and customization options.

According to Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, "We help educational institutions in creating captivating online courses. We offer advanced features in online courses by adding images, audio, videos and animations, which provides a fascinating learning experience for students. We are trying to make a difference to the education system by creating an immersive environment for learners".

FlipHTML5 is providing the conversion process free of cost for the users. However, there is also a platinum edition in case a client intends to add animations to flipbooks. An advantage of using the technology used by FlipHTML5 is that the flipbooks are compatible with different types of devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets. The schools and universities can brand themselves in distance education industry by adding logos and banners to the homepages of flipbooks.

Please visit https://fliphtml5.com/ for more information.

About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 is a software provider based in Hong Kong. The company was founded in 2010 and has a mission of providing its customers with economical and user-friendly digital publishing software. FlipHTML5 offers a wide range of services such as flipbooks for distance education, digitalized annual reports, flipping magazines and flipping photo albums.