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FlipHTML5 offers an innovative digital publishing platform that allows companies and magazine publishing houses revolutionize the presentation of their content online.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2016 --Nowadays, sharing information is not as difficult as it was before, particularly because of the emergence of digital publishing, which has redefined the way people create printed materials. With the increase in demand for these electronic reading materials comes the accumulation of eBook publishing software. However, determining the most efficient software for publishing needs, especially one that comes with many useful features, can sometimes prove abortive for many companies and publishers.

With a burning desire to dispel these disheartening concerns, FlipHTML5, one of the top 10 digital publishing wesbites similar to Issuu, has announced that it will be offering its innovative digital publishing platform to digital publishers worldwide for free. Using state-of-the-art technology and vast experience in the publishing industry, FlipHTML5's team of great expertise has designed the software to help people revolutionize the presentation of their content online.

FlipHTML5 software also allows companies and magazine publishing houses carry out sophisticated publishing task in a more convenient way.

Highlighted below are some of its amazing features:

- Free templates and other resources
- Smooth PDF to page turning magazine conversion
- Powerful page editor for adding multimedia
- Robust cloud service for uploading digital magazines online instantly
- and much more

"Our digital publishing platform will allow your publications to reach a wider audience as millions of individuals quickly gain access to the World Wide Web than a traditional bookstore. Also, when companies or magazine publishing houses use our digital publishing software, they can save on print and binding costs incurred from the traditional publishing," FlipHTML5 team concluded.

For more information about FlipHTML5, visit http://www.fliphtml5.com.

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About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 Software Co. Ltd, headquartered In Hong Kong, is a world-leading provider of digital publishing software. For many years, they have focused on the research and development of our outstanding range of e-publishing software for users around the world. Furthermore, they offer customized solutions for publishers in different industries: Game, Firm, Fashion, Finance and much more. FlipHTML5 has built a firm and cooperative relationship with many digital publishers from various industries sectors.