FlipHTML5: Today's Ultimate Aid for a Dynamic Digital Publishing

Through simple browsing and clicks, achieving a wider reach of readers through FlipHTML5 digital publishing platform is now made possible.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2018 --Publishing books, catalogs and magazines online is definitely an effective means to reach out to a wider range of readers and thus, it can be a potential point of strategy in promoting ideas, gigs, occasions or any personal endeavor. One of the inspirations of Anna Lee, designer of FlipHTML5, is to provide everyone the opportunity to create a Mother's Day photo book right this very season for such celebration. Here are the top 6 most sought-after features that this digital publishing platform holds for its users:

1. Capacity to customize

FlipHTML5 has over 10 templates and themes that users could choose from, including the currently popular set of templates used to create a Mother's Day photo book, and also allows photo book display in both landscape and portrait views. On top of this, customization can be made more useful through the setting of a domain that could promote one's brand, company or preferred domain name.

2. Online Editing

One reason why FlipHTML5 has been rated as a highly efficient digital publishing platform is that of its online editing feature that could do away with the installation of a desktop client. Integrating more interactive media into the book is made easier through online editor functions.

3. Efficient Hosting

Having no website would not be a reason for unpublished photo books, catalogs or magazines, as FlipHTML5 provides its users an online hosting service to promote their output. On the other hand, hosting done through the user's own server for its website is also made possible.

4. Dynamic Catalog Management

Achieving the most desirable reach to millions of readers worldwide is very much dependent on FlipHTML5's capacity to effectively work on various web browsers and mobile devices that are popularly used today.

5. Performance Monitoring

For users who create a Mother's Day photo book or any other catalogs, the back-end analytics feature of FlipHTML5 will provide data for monitoring and checking of page visits, catalog reads, views, shares and hits.

6. Format Conversion

The convenience of converting files into HTML5-based photo books from various document formats such as Images, PDF, MS Office and the like, is offered by FlipHTML5 for free to its users.

Users can also enjoy other general features of FlipHTML5 for free as Anna Lee designed the entire platform with the goal to make the digital publishing process accessible and convenient for users.

About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 is the latest offering from Wonder Idea Technology Co. Ltd, which is the world's leading digital publishing software provider. They offer a number of creative options based on HTML5, jQuery and CSS for publishers to come up with creative digital website content, flipping e-magazines, flip side photo album, online user manuals and many more.

For more information, please visit http://fliphtml5.com/.