FlipHTML5 Unveils Its Digital Magazine Editor for Publishers and Authors

This Innovative digital magazine editor by FlipHTML5 is a game changer for publishers.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2018 --Today, online magazines have become the order of day and publishers and authors are trying their best to get their contents into the hands of their target audience. While putting a content online makes it available to a wide range of audience, getting the target audience to find one's content is one of the hurdles that publishers face every day in order to be successful. The other challenge is captivating readers when they come across an online magazine. This is where FlipHTML5 digital magazine editor closes the failing gap.

For those who are embracing the alternative to print magazine, which is the digital magazine, the unveiling of FlipHTML5 holds many promises. First is the good news about the simplicity and ease of using the digital magazine editor. FlipHTML5 can be used by anyone, whether trained or untrained. With the digital magazine editor, publishers can convert their simple PDF documents into an amazingly interactive magazine for the most effective results. According to Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, "marketers are empowered to customize their digital magazines to suit their business and to connect with as many audiences as they want."

A plus to this digital magazine editor is the possibility of using more than 10 fully customized templates, giving publishers and authors the opportunity to leverage professional design skills in their magazines. The custom templates are intended to add to the magazine's beauty. This online editor also creates the possibility to add multimedia to digital magazines. This means that authors/publishers can now add contents such as link, video, audio, and images to their magazines. In addition to the numerous benefits that make this tool the publisher's choice, the fact that FlipHTML5 digital magazine editor is available for free makes it impossible for its users to say NO.

The magazine made by FlipHTML5 is not only accessible on computers but also adapted to be viewed on iPad, iPhones and Android devices. It's a tool that promises to help publishers take their marketing to the next level by providing a better way of announcing them to the public.

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