FlipHTML5's Distance Learning Tools Bridge the Learning Gap

FlipHTML5 has established itself as a leading digital publishing platform over the years, and now it stands out to be an indispensable distance learning tool for students and teachers.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/24/2020 --Distance learning is not new. For decades, students have taken advantage of the opportunity to get an education without having to attend face-to-face classes. But with improvements in technology, distance learning has evolved and current world events have made it something of a necessity. Distance learning does have its challenges, but FlipHTML5's distance learning tools are helping to bridge the learning gap.

One of the main challenges of distance learning is the absence of a teacher physically presenting a lesson. Lessons often consist of subject notes compiled by a teacher along with assigned reading from applicable textbooks. These can be difficult to grasp and uninteresting as well. FlipHTML5's distance learning tools convert these dull reading materials into lively and engaging flipbooks that will make students sit up and pay attention. Books can flip vertically or horizontally, adding variety to their reading. The page-turning effect and sound help the students retain the study mindset.

FlipHTML5's distance learning tools allow for the insertion of various multimedia that make content easier to grasp and more appealing. Images of the subject enhance understanding, particularly for visual learners. Teachers can record themselves presenting the lesson and insert the audio or video into the flipbooks. Videos demonstrating complex processes being carried out are far better than trying to explain them. Links to different areas where students can get more information can also be inserted into the flipbooks. All of these can be added with the online editor, without having to install the desktop client.

Accessibility of content is vital for distance learning to be successful. FlipHTML5's distance learning tools provide maximum accessibility. Flipbooks can be shared with students as links via email, on social media, or embedded on schools' websites using the embed code. Edited flipbooks do not need to be resent to students as any updates made are universal. Students can access the flipbooks on any internet-capable device, anytime, and anywhere. Learning is no longer limited to defined spaces.

"Our users are the reason we do what we do," says Jackie Peng, Customer Service of FlipHTML5. "Our distance learning tools provide a user-friendly way for them to be educated safely during this dangerous time."

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