FlipHTML5's Distance Teaching Tools Change the Age of Traditional Education

As distance education becomes the new normal for most teachers and students, the teaching faculty faces the challenge of how to keep classes attractive and students engaging during online classes. FlipHTML5 is in service as a distance teaching tool in this situation.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2020 --Apart from instant conversions of PDFs and images, FlipHTML5 allows teachers to customize and publish their content online, add a personal flair, and offer easy access to the digital teaching materials on mobiles, tablets, and computers. FlipHTML5 is a powerful distance teaching tool giving teachers the advantage to energize the classroom and keep families on track for learning success.

FlipHTML5 livens up courses by turning subjects into an interactive flipbook with sensational page-flipping sound and effect. Better yet, it transforms standard distance teaching tools into a portal where students can explore the content via a click on the link. Unlike other distance teaching tools, FlipHTML5 is easy to use at any grade level and perfectly optimized for mobile devices.

FlipHTML5 is a customizable distance teaching tool that allows PDF files to be converted into media-rich flipbooks containing video, audio, images, text, links, photos, and more. Teachers are able to show their own artistic flair via this platform, incorporating personality with colors, sizes, background music and images, and even themes.

Teachers will be impressed as the flipbook created by FlipHTML5 can be shared online, on social media as well as in emails for easy access. Even if they have no coding skills, they can insert the flipbook on the website through the copy-paste embed code. The whole process of converting, editing, publishing, and sharing flipbooks are done online right on FlipHTML5's website without necessarily installing the software, making teaching at home easier.

"With FlipHTML5, families can stay on pace with instant access to course updates with real-time notifications. When readers subscribe to a specific channel, or in this case, a class, they will be notified when the instructor publishes anything new helping students stay ahead of their work." Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5 explains.

To envision more possibilities of FlipHTML5's distance teaching tools, please visit FlipHTML5.

About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 is a distance teaching tool with the latest technology, which can turn the PDF of teaching materials into a flipbook with realistic page-turning effects. Besides using for distance teaching, FlipHTML5 is committed to offering a range of solutions for publishers or businesses to digitalize their brochures, manuals, annual reports, flipping-magazines, flip photo albums, and more.