FlipHTML5's eBook Maker Provides Users with Crucial Market Insights

FlipHTML5 introduces a powerful eBook maker to users who are looking to have a breakthrough in digital marketing.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2020 --FlipHTML5's eBook maker is revolutionizing content creation by bringing rich text content to life through an interactive interface and embedding capabilities of video, music, animations, and images. Ideal for lead magnets, catalogs, magazines, brochures and more, FlipHTML5's flexibility allows for simple e-commerce integration. Its universal compatibility drives reach to the widest possible audience range, viewable on smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet devices.

FlipHTML5's eBook maker allows users to take absolute control of content and design. With a wide scope of templates readily available, FlipHTML5 provides a straightforward creation process. A PDF is great for disseminating information, but it lacks the zeal of a flashy eBook with features that simulate the authenticity of a traditional book without trouble. A FlipHTML5 eBook immediately captures the attention of readers, enticing them with flipping pages and interactive buttons, links, and a table of contents.

With FlipHTML5's eBook maker, a PDF file can instantly be transformed into a stylish eBook. Simply upload the file to FlipHTML5's website and customize it with multimedia. It can then be published directly to a variety of digital platforms or distributed as a WordPress plugin for wider use. FlipHTML5 also offers a cloud platform for easy social media and email marketing, so the eBook can be involved in every selling angle to target customers. On the topic of sales, FlipHTML5 CEO Winston Zhang adds, "FlipHTML5 saves content creators valuable time to work on other projects while their flipping eBook drives conversions for them."

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, online publishing has reached an all-time high globally and consumer demand increasingly calls for FlipHTML5 eBooks. Content creators using FlipHTML5 are granted effortless access to crucial market insights with exclusive performance statistics. Strategizing future eBook plans becomes simple since the target audience is already defined by FlipHTML5's eBook maker software.

FlipHTML5's eBook maker is even compatible with a virtual bookshelf functionality. In this capacity, creators can organize all their eBooks into a digital bookshelf. Readers can conveniently view, shop, and interact with the eBooks straightforwardly.

For more information about the eBook maker, please visit FlipHTML5.

About Flip HTML5
Flip HTML5 is a digital publishing platform designed to instantly convert any PDF into a multifaceted and interactive eBook. With stunning features such as flipping pages and universal compatibility, FlipHTML5 offers easy and affordable online publishing solutions.