FlipHTML5's Magazine Maker Opens New Doors for Magazine Industry

FlipHTML5’s magazine maker is useful to those who are looking for a simple way of creating magazines.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2018 --FlipHTML5, a leading company in the field of digital publishing and marketing has launched a new magazine maker, which makes it easy for creators to make magazines. This will open new doors for the people working in the magazine making and publishing industry.

"FlipHTML5 strives for the ease and comfort of its users and this magazine maker is just another link in a chain of performance", said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5. "Our focus is to make our software as user friendly as we can so that anyone with a mediocre computer and internet knowledge can make a magazine."

The magazine maker is free to download and is available at FlipHTML5's website. There are tutorials available to make sure users of all ages can grasp the concepts quickly and easily. The magazine maker does not require any kind of technical flash programming knowledge which is the game changer for a lot of content creators. It has revolutionized the magazine making process by making it on-the-go in the truest sense of the phrase.

FlipHTML5 has given all four simple steps that are needed to create a magazine using their magazine maker on their website. It requires the downloading of the software, import of content, editing and then finally the publishing of a completed magazine. This magazine maker is expected to produce a growth in the job market and professionally produced magazines will urge more readers to start reading magazines. This magazine maker can make an impact on hundreds and thousands of people through the content that is published in the magazines.

Another great feature of this magazine maker is the vast readability option it has to offer. This allows the users to read magazines on any device. Whether it's an Android or an Apple device, a Windows or a Mac, this magazine maker makes it all possible. This magazine maker makes it easier to create the coolest magazines on the go. It saves a lot of the users' ample time as they can create content while travelling as well. This makes them all the more productive, creative and efficient with their creativity. The digitalization will also help users have a more flexible schedule.

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