FlipHTML5's Powerful Remote Working Tools Provide Quality Digital Publishing

Users can build an immersive reading experience with the help of FlipHTML5’s remote working tools and get their information across the audience in an engaging way.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2020 --As more people transition to online work, the demand for quality remote working tools has skyrocketed. FlipHTML5 helps users create quality and engaging flipbooks that allow them to present information in an interactive and effective way.

FlipHTML5 as a handy remote working tool is available to users on its website without the trouble of installing bulky software. The website allows users to instantly upload and convert a PDF or image file into an interactive flipbook that is fully customizable. Equipped with 10+ templates, this site is also filled with multimedia elements to enhance the flipbook. The ability to include links, videos, images, animations, and even audio sets FlipHTML5 apart from other digital publishing platforms. Users have complete control over the overall settings, like margins, sizes, backgrounds, flipping modes, etc.

To serve remote teams better, FlipHTML5 has optimized itself as a powerful remote working tool in every aspect. Users can widen their content reach by sharing the flipbook to social media, e-commerce sites, emails, and more. Meanwhile, the target audience can access the flipbook via one link and enjoy reading on mobiles or other modern devices. For confidential information, users then can set a password for their selected flipbooks to keep unwanted viewers away.

With these loaded features, users can create and publish flipbook magazines, brochures, and product guides online even though they don't have an active website because FlipHTML5 can help them hold their digital publications on its cloud. This feature allows for more freedom in publishing, greatly increasing its value as a remote working tool.

FlipHTML5's digital publishing platform is a versatile remote working tool for any industry. Teachers utilize this remote working tool to create interactive materials, keeping their students engaged from a distance. The material is brought to life through multimedia elements. Brands and businesses use this remote working tool to create high-quality product guides with ease. Products are presented through alluring and interactive walkthroughs. Authors and writers can publish work online with an appealing layout and added features. The platform is user-friendly and cost-effective, allowing clients to navigate with ease and create exceptional content.

Jackie Peng, Customer Service of FlipHTML5, says, "It is our goal to make remote work easier for everyone. FlipHTML5 is a user-friendly platform that allows users to create and digitally publish their work with ease."

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