FlipHTML5's Virtual Bookshelf Stores and Organizes Content in a Unique Way

FlipHTML5's virtual bookshelf acts as a unique store for online publications. Users can make good use of the virtual bookshelf to enhance readership and attract readers.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2020 --FlipHTML5 has announced an exciting offering, the virtual bookshelf. It is designed to empower existing customers with a large amount of flipbooks to effectively and conveniently organize their collections in just one location. Easily integrated both into websites and as a stand-alone destination, the virtual bookshelf aims to be a valuable tool for users of all kinds as a place to display their content online, for example, educators with large syllabuses to be accessed by their students, and salespeople wanting to showcase their products and attract potential customers.

The virtual bookshelf, which simulates the aesthetic of a traditional bookshelf, works by making large bodies of separate information easy to categorize, read, and understand. Content can be organized by topic, time, or even target audience. Savvy marketers will quickly see the benefit of organizing by topic as a means to encourage reader engagement, with research consistently demonstrating that grouping similar content together is a powerful way to reduce customer abandonment. Publishers of magazines, on the other hand, will appreciate the ability to categorize by time, so their readers can quickly identify the most up-to-date issues.

"We're really excited about the virtual bookshelf as an accompaniment to our products. Like the flipbook, it's designed with customizability in mind and users will be able to include the use of company branding as a means to increase brand awareness," explained Anna Lee, designer of FlipHTML5, sharing the design philosophy behind the virtual bookshelf.

FlipHTML5's advanced functionality means that the virtual bookshelf is optimized for sharing on social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, allowing users to further the reach of their publications. Users looking to build a dedicated audience will also be keen to take advantage of the subscription feature, allowing them to keep their readers updated every time a new publication is added to the bookshelf.

Learn more about FlipHTML5's virtual bookshelf at https://fliphtml5.com/

About FlipHTML5
FlipHTML5 is a leading publishing software corporation trusted worldwide by professionals in a range of industries, including marketers, website owners, teachers, and salespeople; their products enable users to create various page-flipping publications, including virtual magazines, e-textbooks, and sales brochures.