FlipPageMaker Software - Flipbook Creator, as Propaganda Way for Enterprises


Guangzhou, Guang Dong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/10/2013 --Previously, FlipPageMaker software is only primarily utilized in the industry of digital publishing. Everyone makes use of the software in order to create electronic newspapers, digital magazines and eBooks. Up until now, FlipPageMaker learns that a lot of individuals make use of their software in order to propagandize businesses on the internet.

FlipPageMaker is a digital publishing company that provides Flipbook Creator for the niche market. The company is located in China. The company announces that people who like to propagandize their businesses need to make use of FlipPageMaker software.

Nowadays, FlipPageMaker software is beneficial for businesses to advertise online. Similar to Flipbook Creator Professional, the software is a flipbook maker that includes images, links, videos, as well as texts to the pages of eBook. The software can create a brochure which is filled with the required components including multimedia. For instance, if a user is working for a fitness and exercise company, then wants to make flipbook for clients. In the flipbook, the person can add a video exercise routine on YouTube in order to demonstrate the service, can embed links in order for clients to visit the website of the business, and can include music files in order to improve the atmosphere of clients.

FlipPageMaker software allows users to make an html brochure in order for clients to easily upload it onto its official website. In addition, people can share the brochure on SNS and blog platforms.

FlipPageMaker software has a lot of features such as it allows users to easily and quickly make infinite publications with three-dimensional realistic effects; include multimedia platforms such as graphics, flash, audio and video; it works on majority of mobile devices and browsers; and it can produce offline Win (.exe) or Mac OS (.app) versions. Furthermore, Flipbook Creator has integrated more than 30 pre-designed templates that help in creating quality online flipbook. Users can also distribute and share publications in an instant by the cloud services of the company. Users can share flipbooks by means of well-known social media networks including Twitter and Facebook. Businesses can also advertise their banners to the flipbook’s right and top side. Moreover, businesses can obtain lifetime license, support and lifetime upgrades with purchase.

For individuals who like to propagandize their businesses, FlipPageMaker software is extremely beneficial for them.

For more details with regard to FlipPageMaker software, please visit their website at http://www.flippagemaker.com/.