FlipPageMaker Software Group Unveils Training Program for Employees


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2013 --FlipPageMaker.com is a desktop publishing software provider established in China. A new training program has been unveiled by it to help build leadership skills and foster the career development of its employees. The program was developed as a result of employees’ requests for career development programs within the company, which can aid them in contributing to new products development as the company grows. Employees are already accustomed to providing top-notch customer service and representing software products which are innovative even in the modernized software industry.

The purpose of the training program is to promote better communication between employees, one aspect that has proven to be effective for any business to function better and flourish. It also aims to improve the technology skills of the group, expanding their capabilities and efficiency. The company anticipates that this will bring a new level of energy to its workforce and shorten the lead times between products and customer requests.

Several measures have been established by FlipPageMaker Software Group to ensure its training system is most effective. It plans to schedule sessions with professional experts in the industry, who will give lectures on the activities covered in the program or during specific lectures. This strengthens the validity of the concepts taught and gives employees motivation to connect with important names in the industry. In addition, employees have an opportunity to learn from one another when they get to participate in the program. Team development is one of those areas that can be developed through proper training, while the collaboration may also help with developing new marketing plans.

As part of the training program, an e-learning system will be built from the ground-up. The company plans to make available digital resources, using its own software for generating flipping books. The business and its employees therefore benefit in the same way its customers do from the ease of using a flipbook and the multimedia content within it.

The company provides numerous software titles intended to make it easy to convert PDF, Word, and other files into page flipping e-books. Templates, watermarks, and the addition of multimedia content such as videos, Flash effects, photo albums, and more help create unique books, brochures, manuals, and magazines. As part of its internal training program, FlipPageMaker Software Group will enable employees to get the most out of the flip page software and the skills in leadership and career development.

For more information on the company’s products and services, visit http://flippagemaker.com/.

About FlipPageMaker Software Group
Founded in 2008, FlipPageMaker Software Group works to constantly improve its business and product line. It provides digital publishing tools for businesses and consumers, while always working to meet the demands for new features and functionality. Software products include PDF or Office to page flipping book tools that let users create presentations, catalogs, guides, magazines, and books in minutes.