FlipPageMaker.com Adds New Example Page to Website

Software design company FlipPageMaker.com has added a new example page to its website. This example page will help potential customers visualize how dynamic flip-page documents will look. The examples show various types of documents in a flip-page format so that customers can see how their particular project might appear as a flip-page book or e-magazine.


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/07/2013 --FlipPageMaker.com, a world-class software company, has added a new example page to its website. This example page will show potential users and customers how e-magazines, books, and documents can be enhanced by quickly creating dynamic flip-page effects. These examples are highly beneficial because users will be able to visualize how their own books or e-magazines might appear. The new example page will allow potential users to readily see the stunning visual impact a well-made flip page document can have on a reader.

The company intends to constantly update the example page so customers will always be able to find a relevant and new example that can come close to what they are intending to create for their own flippingbook or e-magazine. These dynamic flip-page documents give readers the virtual experience of turning the page in a book or magazine just as if it was in their hands. While one might not think this kind of experience matters, users have said that it does matter and that they feel a book or magazine that was created using flip-page technology just seems more real to them. This small but significant enhancement of the reading experience can mean the difference between a sale and a non-sale and of making a real impact with a reader.

These great examples can be found at: http://flippagemaker.com/example.html

If there is a need, to know more about the cutting-edge technology at online magazine software for an introduction to the system and the technology to create a flip-book from a PDF file. Using this software is simple and the enhancements can make to e-books and e-magazines will astound anyone. While the technology to create flip-books has been around for a while the process of transforming a flip-book from a PDF document used to be difficult and expensive. In the past people would have probably needed to hire a professional web-designer to change their original pdf to flash page flip publication. But now, with the launch of the software by FlipPageMaker.com, anyone can work this magic on their documents in a very short time.

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