FlipPageMaker.com Announces an Upgrade to Their Tech Support Team and a More User Friendly Support Center

FlipPageMaker.com has announced the upgrade of their support center giving users easier access to find answers to their problem easier and faster.


Guangdong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2013 --FlipBook support center was established in 2008 with a staff of 2 technicians. They have announced an upgrade with 10 support technicians as well as an improved on-line Support Center that is more user-friendly. When users have problems or questions, they can go to FlipPageMaker.com on-line Support Center and find answers and solutions. If they aren't finding what they need, there are now 10 experienced techs on stand-by to help. Users simply send an on-line email request and they will receive a response quickly.

The creators of FlipPageMaker.com product is already a great product and the new and improved, upgrade to their tech support team makes it even better. With page turning software tutorials on-line, most questions are quickly answered by the users themselves on the FAQ page, but for those hard to figure out issues, the experienced and knowledgeable tech team is just an email away.

FlipBook's creators are pleased to announce what is an already great product with a great website. They've made it even better, more user friendly and offering more tech support. With 10 experienced support techs on standby to answer emails with questions and problems that can't be answered in the FAQ section, users will find this awesome product even more powerful.

FlipPageMaker not only offer the best digital magazine software on the market, but with this upgrade in tech support, it is even more powerful and useful than ever before. A product that is so simple with its no-programming needed set up has just become even better and easier with an increase in techs on-line to answer emails and an improved FAQ section where users can find their own answers.

With the help from the Support center, users will have an easier time getting answers and solutions to their questions and issues when creating flipping book. More and more common problems will be answered in the tutorial pages in its website. And improvement is continuing all the time.

For more information, visit the recent upgraded tech support page at http://flippagemaker.com/general-support.html and see what has improved for users of FlipPageMaker.com product and website.