FlipPageMaker.com Highlights Numerous Navigation Features of Flipbook Software


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2013 --FlipBook Creator for Windows v3.8.8 is convenient in many ways, including how easy it makes creating a digital flippingbook from a PDF file. It also now has three navigation features making the program suitable for generating e-books to promote a product or business. Bookmarks can be easily set in the software interface using various controls. Readers can access a page of interest very quickly, so information can be found in little time or a specific product can be viewed and/or ordered. A flipbook can now provide a beneficial tool in grabbing a reader’s attention and enticing them to buy something.

Bookmark windows can be hidden by choice or a reader can choose to have it displayed automatically when the flipping book is opened. On the left-side window panel on the main flipbook creating page, bookmark tabs can be set, complete with captions and page index. This provides a level of detail that makes it convenient for any reader. Similar to the bookmark function, the table of contents feature provides links to specific pages. A reader can simply click on a hyperlink leading to a page, and they will be automatically brought there. Both features make it very simple to access content of interest, a must for any business looking to draw visitors and customers.

Thumbnail images also provide access to flipping book pages and other resources. They add a more interactive effect also, engaging readers and encouraging them to access business information or product pages. Adding each thumbnail is basically an effortless task and takes little time. Users can build a product catalog or business brochure in minutes. Better yet, the page flip software lets them upload the e-book online, save it to a disk, send it via email, or share it on social networking sites. Such versatility allows a business to expand its reach and build marketing campaigns with a higher level of success.

In addition, users can easily add templates to their flipbooks, while convenient functions let them insert a brand logo, image, or watermark to label an e-book. FlipBook Creator also allows users to insert meta titles and descriptions, plus keywords, to make their creations compliant with SEO standards and work to get ranked on the search engines. They can even use analysis tools from Google to track the performance of the flipbook and whether readers go to a website or buy products.

FlipBook Creator for Windows v3.8.8 has many features making it easy to create e-books and for readers to navigate the publication. Bookmarks and table of contents pages, bookmark tabs, and thumbnails make it simple for readers to find their way around a digital flipbook. For more information on the software, go to http://flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/index.html.

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