Flipping Book from Mobissue Can Help to Best Express the Brand

Packed with amazing branding feature, Mobissue can help businesses market their brand with flipping book in many regards.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/05/2017 --Mobissue announces an unequaled business branding solution to convert pdf to flipping book. With the help of Mobissue, a well designed branded flipping book can assist business to build a reliable and trustworthy image which enables the business to win over stakeholders' confidence and turn leads into conversion. The attractive flipping book design can impress the readers. For brand identity, logo plays and important role. And Mobissue makes the unique logo see at anywhere.

A corporate logo must be as pleasant as the company's offerings itself. For Mobissue, business onwers can easily insert the unique logo at the top of the reading interface. It can also link to the offical website.Mobissue is always ready to provide assistance in this regard. With Mobissue, business owners can attain an amazing brand awareness improvement when desining the flpping book. For example, at the begining, it is possibel to set the landing logo when waiting for the flippingbook.

Mobissue business branding highlights are in many regards. Such as, users can replace the system defaults with their own branded URL. To enhance online flipping book presentation, Mobissue allows users to customize the loading setting while loading their mobile content. To market the brand, Mobissue makes it possible for users to set up their own logo on each of their flipping book. Also, the newsstand logo can be tailored to theirs. Lastly, it is an ideal promotional channel for users to build their own homepage to display their banner, profile, photo, name and so on.

Potential and existing users can install promotional videos, images and so on into the flipping book and share it to the social networks or via email, making their brand heard and seen by increasingly more people. Mobissue has many existing and evolving clients that are making waves in their preferred industry.Also, there are advertisng sysytems which can help business owners to expand the brand.

"This software assists me as often as I need. I commenced my business with this and now I am the only person in my neighborhood that makes the ideal mobile magazine. Truly I am most favored in my vicinity. Cheers Mobissue" Alta, a Designer reviewed.

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About Mobissue
Mobissue Software Co. Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a world foremost provider of mobile virtual publishing software. For several years, the company has emphasized on the web research and improvement of an excellent variety of mobile e-publishing application for users worldwide.