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FLOMEC QSE Mag Flowmeter Makes Electromagnetic Flow Measurement Accessible to Commercial & a Wide Variety of Industrial Applications

Engineers Deliver The ‘Trinity’ of Better Performance, Higher Quality & Lower Cost


Wichita, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2016 --FLOMEC Engineers at Great Plains Industries, Inc. (GPI®) are introducing the breakthrough FLOMEC QSE Mag electromagnetic flowmeter (QSE Mag). By harnessing innovative engineering and U.S. precision manufacturing GPI delivers better performance, higher quality and an attractive price.

"Our engineering team took an entirely fresh look at flowmeters, utilizing new materials, new design ideas and new manufacturing methods to achieve the first real breakthrough in electromagnetic flowmeters in years," said Vic Lukic, CEO of Great Plains Industries, Inc. "This type of breakthrough has to come from engineering. It can't be produced from sourcing, off-shoring or unsustainable pricing schemes."

The QSE Mag dramatically raises performance expectations for monitoring flow measurement and is priced comparably to far lower performing meters currently employed in commercial and industrial applications. Examples include water/wastewater, cooling tower, turf, landscape, and other water reclamation applications.

The QSE Mag reads flow rate with an accuracy of + 0.5% and provides cumulative total monitoring in applications. With no moving parts, the QSE Mag permits open unobstructed flow, minimizing flow disturbances and straight pipe requirements in seven line sizes from ½" to 4" pipes. This allows the QSE Mag to be used in piping configurations where there is little space between the meter and an elbow or valve. In addition, the Noryl® flow tube, housing and sleeves can withstand fluid temperatures from 0° F to210°F.

The QSE Mag is an externally powered meter that provides a blind open collector pulse output. Additionally, it can be used with a FLOMEC® 09 Electronic Display, as well as with remote reading, data logging, pulse-to-analog conversion, BTU measurement and telemetry applications. The QSE also provides a wide turndown ratio of 0.25 to 15.0 fps.

"By taking a completely fresh engineering approach, we were able to meet the FLOMEC promise to always deliver metering products that are better performing, higher quality and lower cost than existing products in the market," said Edwin Fetzer, QSE Mag Lead Engineer.

The QSE Mag is also compatible with the new FLOMEC App, an Android mobile app that uses Bluetooth® wireless technology for complete meter configuration and programing in minutes. The FLOMEC app interface allows for meter operation to be viewed in real-time and provides the ability to receive technology downloads and feature upgrades via Bluetooth. (iOS app coming in 2017).

Features / Benefits:
- Low investment and operating costs
- + .05% accuracy of reading
- Wide turndown ratio 0.25 to 15.0fps
- Operating temperature range (1/2" – 2": 32° F to 210°F) (3" – 4":32° F to180°F)
- Non-intrusive, with no moving parts to wear out, virtually maintenance free, and tolerates high flows without damage
- The slightly modified bore permits unobstructed flow and minimizes flow disturbances and straight pipe requirements
- 7 line sizes (1/2" to 4") ½", ¾", 1", 1.5", 2", 3", & 4"
- Housing ported with "Thermal Well Supports" for sensors (Energy Management)
- Compatible with FLOME® 09 Electronics Display or FLOMEC QSI I/O Board
- NSF Certified - Pending

About FLOMEC Meters from Great Plains Industries
GPI is a leader in quality flowmeter manufacturing and distribution worldwide. GPI's FLOMEC flowmeters provide flow control solutions for commercial and lite industrial applications including; turf, landscape, water reclamation, HVAC, and petrochemical flow monitoring. FLOMEC flowmeters measure a wide variety of liquids from water to lubricants in commercial process operations. GPI is known for high quality durable meters, excellent customer service and on-time product delivery. For more information on the QSE Mag meter visit