Florida Cosmetic Surgeon Offers Combination Facelift and Laser Lyte Tightening

Tampa Surgeon Dr. Rich Castellano performs exclusive ImageLift® facelift procedures and Laser Lyte skin tightening for full-spectrum cosmetic enhancement


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2014 --Tampa, Florida cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rich Castellano of ImageLift® plastic surgery center is offering in-office facelifts in conjunction with Laser Lyte skin tightening to achieve a balanced, overall beautification of the face and neck. The combination of advanced ImageLift facelift and Laser Lyte skin tightening procedures create a healthy, youthful vibrancy that reveals the true beauty of each patient’s face beneath years of wrinkles, sagging skin, eyelid creasing and flabby jowls. The latest technology is used by Dr. Castellano to perform the ImageLift facelift in three different degrees, small, medium and large, depending on the results of the initial consultation and the desired outcome of each patient. Dr. Castellano and his ImageLift physicians exclusively developed this advanced technique that has resulted in thousands of satisfied patients.

Rather than the methods and outcomes of a traditional facelift, the ImageLift facelift instead focuses on tightening facial muscles and removing excess skin. This procedure is enhanced by the application of the Laser Lyte skin tightening treatment (laser lipolysis) for the face and neck. When the combination procedures are performed, the ImageLift physician does a medium or large lift with laser light tightening at the same time. Laser lipolysis reverses elasticity loss in the flesh of the neck and chin area, where jowls form as the skin loosens over time. The ImageLift facelift tightens the underlying muscle layer of the face and neck, which also softens smile lines, while the laser lipolysis helps tighten the neck and jawline skin, reducing wrinkles and any loose, sagging spots.

The initial consultation allows the ImageLift physician to determine which lift degree is right for each patient and whether or not the combination treatment is the right choice. Once decided, the physician performs the ImageLift and Laser Lyte treatment, simultaneously if possible. None of these treatments require general anesthesia, and recovery is shorter than is experienced in most traditional facelifts, but does vary depending on the chosen treatments. The combination ImageLift/Laser Lyte procedure has been well-documented, with consistently positive results. Following treatment, results last for years. Dr. Castellano and the experts at ImageLift are committed to the performance of the most advanced procedures possible, helping achieve positive results for each patient. To learn more about the technology, techniques and procedures available at ImageLift, visit them online at