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ACI Insurance Offering Full Range of Affordable Florida Employee Leasing Services for Businesses

ACI provides all types of Florida PEO services for both small and medium sized businesses looking to save time, money and hassle.


Apopka, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2015 --ACI Insurance offers customers a full range of Florida employee leasing services, enabling them to operate more efficient and cost-effective workplaces. PEO services are a wonderful choice for many small- and medium-sized businesses in need of an edge, and a way to save time, money and hassle for key business to-dos and related activities.

PEO services in Florida provide essential services for businesses who are understaffed, or looking to save money and time without losing important capabilities, particularly internal and HR responsibilities. PEO services may include payroll processing, tax deposits, Florida employee benefit plans, and a range of other tasks, such as ASO, or administrative services outsourcing.

With ACI's help, there's no shopping around or hassle. John Rothschild and his team will take care of all of the logistics of the search and match process, identifying core needs and wants, recommending the correct policies and providers, and ensuring that everything comes in an affordable package.

Multiple solutions or levels of services will be provided, so there's always a perfect choice for each business. Across all industries, business types, and business sizes, ACI will put together a tailor-made solution built around each person's specific circumstances and needs.

ACI also directly offers affordable Florida workers compensation insurance. Obtaining the right workers comp coverage is incredibly important, and it applies to many more businesses and industries than many business owners actually realize. While it's most commonly associated with industries such as construction, that only scratches the surface for where workers comp is needed.

With the right type of workers compensation coverage, wage replacements and medical benefits are provided. The most important element of this insurance though is that employees are not allowed to sue employers for negligence, while business owners still ensure they're adequately protecting their employees and ensuring they receive their benefits.

Visit for more information and to see their complete range of services, or call 407.889.2612 to speak with a representative. Interested businesses may also obtain a free Florida PEO quote, with no obligation, by visiting the site and sending ACI a message.

About ACI Insurance Services
ACI Insurance Services was established in 2004 by John Rothschild. Based in Apopka, FL, ACI is dedicated to helping consumers and small businesses find affordable coverage options which match their unique needs. ACI offers extensive experience in the field and knowledge of current issues, and a successful track record stretching back over a decade. Today, as leading Florida commercial insurance agents, they provide all types of Florida surety bonds and insurance packages, and continue to put the needs of their clients first above all else. ACI now also serves the Georgia and Louisiana markets. Contact 407.889.2612 for more information, or visit