Florida Real Estate Investment Veteran Warns Mortgage Industry Is Doomed!


Jacksonville, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2007 -- Despite the apparent recovery of the financial markets and the thinly disguised optimism from the Fed, Florida real estate investment guru, Ron LeGrand, sent a chilling warning to all loan officers and mortgage brokers today with this stark message: “if you are trying to make a living in the mortgage business and you’re worried about the credit crunch and the dark waves of fear, uncertainty and doubt settling over the financial markets, terrified that the business really is in its death throes... then you’re RIGHT.”

This frightening message is in direct contrast to some of the current predictions, but LeGrand, real-estate investing veteran and expert is adamant: “I’ve been in this business a long time and I recognize the signs. I’ve heard some of these so-called ‘experts’ saying there IS no ‘credit crunch’ and things are just going to turn out right all by themselves... but that’s what they WANT you to believe. We’re lined up for disaster. They want us to carry on in the same old way, with our heads in the sand. What they’re saying in effect is ‘Go back to sleep America, your economy is under control’. And it just isn’t. It really isn’t. This is payback time.”

LeGrand continues: “This credit crunch is shaping up to be a full blown recession and if you can’t see it coming then you have your head so far stuck in the sand, it’s not even funny. It’s no coincidence the Fed has pumped billions of dollars into the economy... yet still the economies of the European Union are being hammered. Heck, the shockwaves are being felt as far away as Asia and Australia! Look at Northern Rock in the UK - the bank is practically collapsing and the British Government has to step in to guarantee invertors’ deposits. Even here at home the ‘big boys’ like Wal-Mart and Home Depot are looking shaky with ‘profit warnings’. Anyone who thinks this is just going to ‘blow over’ is lining themselves up for a huge fall. And soon.”

“For years I’ve watched loan officers’ and brokers’ incomes dwindle as their percentages are cut and tax and other fees are piled higher and higher. It’s disgusting that in America today we have people working hard yet they are the very last people to have a claim on their OWN money. It’s got to stop.”

Yet, even with the doom and gloom and the shadow over the mortgage industry, LeGrand is upbeat: “Loan officers and brokers don’t have to throw in the towel or feel despondent about this. I’ve developed a simple way loan officers and brokers can leverage what they’re already doing and make more money... and the they’ll get to keep the vast majority of it for themselves. All it takes is changing one tiny little thing in the business they already have, and once it’s up and running, it pumps an extra $20,000 or even more every month into their pockets... best of all, it take maybe 7 short hours a week to run.”

“Yes, I know people are going to be skeptical and that’s good. But it’s 100% real, 100% legal, ethical, and moral... and it’s NOT rocket science. And because I’m making bold claims, I can and WILL prove it to anyone who’s prepared to invest just a few minutes of their time at the website, www.YouHaveBeenWastingYourTimeOnlyDoingLoans.com”

“Listen, if you’re relying on the mortgage industry for your living... you’ve been storing-up trouble for yourself. It’s paramount for mortgage professionals to take control of their lives, because if they don’t, when the industry DOES implode -- which is a no-brainier from where I’m sitting -- they’re going to go down with the ship”.

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