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Florida Youth Organization Brings Entertainment Executives in to Produce a Reality Show About Teens Making a TV Show

International Federation of Youth Conquerors ( has teamed up with You've Got the Part ( a GBHL company) to cast for a reality show based on teens making a TV Show about their November 8th Beauty Pageant.


Hollywood, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2014 --You've Got the Part is based in Hollywood. Their executives have been department heads at major studios and have produced over twenty films under the GBHL umbrella. Many big names in Hollywood have been part of GBHL's success. The International Federation of Youth Conquerors has finished negotiations today and will contract with You've got the part for casting its TV show based around a November 8th Beauty Pageant being shot in Wellington and Palm Beach Florida.

The dynamics of the show will integrate teens from different social economical areas and build an event for their friends and families to see unfold in a pageant. The actual tv show will air one week after on Saturday, November 15th.

Gary Rasmussen, the Chief Executive Officer of Global Entertainment Holdings, continued, the joint venture with Mahvrick should have significant and lasting positive impact for the company and our shareholders. We’re looking forward to rolling out “You’ve Got the Part” with Mahvrick’s creative signature flair.” Mahvrick has over 40,000 members on a site that will promote both You've got the part casting as well as You've got the part client productions. "On an average week there Mahvrick over 1000 submissions for new roles per production. We anticipate to have more than 20 productions per quarter. We will produce at least three of our own production per month like Very Cool Now produced by Oliver Del Camino (, says Richard Mahee.

About Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (GBHL)
GBHL is a publicly-held entertainment company with the goal of building a worldwide entertainment and media organization with domestic and foreign subsidiaries, affiliates and/or joint venture partners. GBHL operates primarily through its wholly-owned subsidiaries of Global Universal Film Group (Film Production & sales), Global Entertainment Media (media content delivery; the “i-HUB”) and Global Entertainment Film Fund, LLC (Film Slate Financing). The Company is determined to stay on the cutting edge of social networking and media distribution through its wholly-owned subsidiary, You’ve Got The Part, Inc. You’ve Got the Part plans to capitalize on the current popularity of Hollywood and reality-based programming by offering participants small roles online, in a Hollywood movie or video production, for which anyone with access to a digital camera can apply. The Company also utilizes joint ventures to maximize revenue while reducing equity exposure. Recently announced joint ventures in the areas of film productions, tech-education and social media promotion with Global-Mahvrick, LLC, further GBHL’s corporate goals.

About Mahvrick
Mahvrick Casting (DE) a division of Mahvrick (Richard V. Mahee backwards – headed up by the former private investment banker, has strategic business relationships with major service providers in the news, music and video distribution industries. Mahvrick's client's have over Two Hundred and Fifty (250) million records sold worldwide in both rock and urban genres. Mahvrick and Global Entertainment Holdings (OTC: GBHL) are partners in a joint venture entity whose purpose is to raise global awareness, finance, and distribute content from individuals, as well as budding stars who want a part in a music video, commercial, DVD or a Film produced by Global-Mahvrick and its clients or partners.